Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
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Formula One present auto design concepts for the 2021 season

Formula One present auto design concepts for the 2021 season

"The primary thing we're doing is trying to reduce the amount of performance lost to a following auto", Brawn said.

"So I'm pretty optimistic that we're going to produce some great-looking cars that are going to be able to race each other much more effectively than they were in the past".

The changes, which are created to make the sport more entertaining and attractive to fans, were shown on a mock Ferrari auto and included many differences to this years' cars.

"The current cars lose up to 50 per cent of their performance once they get to within one or two auto lengths. which means they struggle to race each other", added the Briton.

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F1 has been working on a new auto design for about a year, the 63-year-old former Mercedes and Brawn team boss said, collaborating with governing body the FIA and the teams on alleviating the problem whereby a vehicle behind another loses a significant amount of its performance. "It frustrates me when a auto in a video game looks better than a vehicle that we're racing out on the track", he added. However, in this concept you can see the first signs of devices to control the way the airflow comes of the wheels. The image below represents a guideline into how the new cars could look. That will still allow for time for a period of refinement. "They look better but there are a lot of technical reasons why we want them". It is hoped the final design will encouraging teams involved to stay in F1, while encouraging new teams to join and boost the grid. He believes that this idea can mature as it is worked on over the next few years.

F1 cars have changed incredibly over the years to accommodate more speed while also increasing the safety measures. Further details have just been released on the official F1 website, we'll be sure to have a peruse over these and garner information on some of the key changes.

"We're short of engineers of the future".

"In doing this project, we recognised there are some features that benefits come from the nature of the flow that comes off the vehicle in front and the sensitivity of the auto behind to that", Brawn said". "We may well find that, rather like the double diffuser, which was never considered when the rules were made, so we are going to do our best to arrive at a set of regulations that are as unambiguous as possible. F1 is a great opportunity to promote technology and through F1 in Schools, for the younger students, then there's Formula Student, which is a competition that goes on in universities".

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