Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
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Dolphins swimming in flood water caused by Hurricane Florence

Dolphins swimming in flood water caused by Hurricane Florence

Nature expresses its fury in sundry ways.

A slowing tropical storm Florence continues to creep along the Carolinas today. "I wonder how it would have been with a Category 4 or 5". Hundreds of people were rescued in New Bern, North Carolina, on Friday. "Don't drive across standing or moving water", the governor said, urging people to heed evacuation orders.

A 77-year-old man was apparently knocked down by the wind and died after going out to check on his hunting dogs, Lenoir County authorities said.

In Jacksonville, North Carolina, next to Camp Lejeune, firefighters and police fought wind and rain as they went door to door to pull more than 60 people out of the Triangle Motor Inn after the structure began to crumble and the roof started to collapse.

"This is not the end of it", he said. As of Saturday night, at least 11 deaths had been linked to the storm. And with Mangkhut now headed toward the densely populated southeast coast of China, it is likely to cause more death and destruction.

The western Pacific has two-and-a-half times more storms that reach the minimum hurricane strength of 74 miles per hour.

Authorities in North Carolina said almost 814,000 customers were without power.

Trump's visit to affected areas on the East Coast comes days after he stoked controversy over the federal response to another storm - Hurricane Maria, which ravaged Puerto Rico previous year.

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The water in the western Pacific is warmer, and warm water fuels storms. There had been no reports of injuries or fatalities, though most of the city was without power and thousands of buildings had been damaged, she said. Officials said some 1.7 million people in the Carolinas and Virginia were warned to evacuate, but it was unclear how many did.

"It's a bit like a plot line out of 'Back to the Future, ' where you travel back in time to some alternate reality" that is plausible but without humans changing the climate, said University of Exeter climate scientist Peter Stott, one of the pioneers of the field. That shows another big difference in the storms. Another 400 people were in shelters in Virginia, where forecasts were less dire.

Florence's flooding claims a couple of cars and the first story of a house in New Bern, NC. The winds howled, and the family escaped to an upper floor bedroom. Not so the more southerly Mangkhut, which Maue said, "essentially had a flawless environment to intensify to a Category 5 and stay there".

"Excessive rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Florence will result in life threatening, devastating flash flooding", according to duty forecasters. Both storms cover a large area, but Mangkut still dwarfs Florence.

"The fact that there haven't been more deaths and damage is unbelievable and a blessing", said Rebekah Roth, walking around Wilmington's Winoca Terrace neighborhood.

"Hurricanes bring out a lot of good in people and also the worst in those few bad actors preying on homeowners whose most prized asset has been damaged", Jon Moore, spokesman for Florida's Department of Financial Services, told the Miami Herald following Hurricane Irma in 2017.

"With a storm like this, you have communities that are faced not only with the devastation that a storm like this will leave behind, but the environmental injustices that may have already been existing in those communities", Glover said.

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