Published: Sat, September 15, 2018
Entertaiment | By Mabel Barber

Jon Hamm Confesses To Loving Comic Books & Speaks On Playing Batman

"I've heard rumours about that (Batman film) since... season one of Mad Men", he said in a recent interview with In Depth host Graham Bensinger. "I am sure there's an interesting version of that being out there and if they wanted to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to do it, why not?"

He'd need a good script, Hamm noted, and to up his workout routine.

Given his Mad Men credentials, Jon Hamm already has a vast amount of experience playing a brash, brooding business magnate, though at 47 years young, he may be a little older than what Matt Reeves had in mind for his standalone Batman movie.

We know Kit Harington and Ryan Gosling are ostensibly out of the running, while Star Wars alum Oscar Isaac is seemingly no longer in contention for the vacant (?) role of Bruce Wayne.

Ben Affleck has been on his way out of the DCEU for a long time.

So would Hamm be interested if someone were to approach him about the role? "I have never had a conversation with anybody about it, literally".

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If Hamm were to actually take on the mantle of the Caped Crusader he'd be joining his 2016 "Keeping Up with the Joneses" costar Gal Gadot, who heads up WB's blockbuster hit "Wonder Woman", in the comic book universe. I have never been offered anything.

On Wednesday, it was also reported that Henry Cavill would not be reprising his role as Superman in any upcoming DC films as Warner shifting its focus to a standalone "Supergirl" movie.

"It depends. On the script, what the story is. But, I mean, a lot of people have to sign off on that, obviously not just the Internet".

We've said it before and we'll say it again, Jon Hamm would be an unbelievable choice for Batman.

That's all very pragmatic really and though there's talk that Reeves wants to cast a young actor for Batman, Hamm would still be a great choice. The interview with Jon Hamm was originally conducted by The Hollywood Reporter.

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