Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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Jeb Bush weighs in on Trump’s Puerto Rico tweets: ‘Incredibly disheartening’

Jeb Bush weighs in on Trump’s Puerto Rico tweets: ‘Incredibly disheartening’

But when have Democrats ever let the facts get in the way of an anti-Trump myth?

"We had provided [water] to every volunteer agency that had a warehouse, every entity... a lot of municipalities had excess water", said Justo Hernandez, Operational Coordination Division Director for FEMA, in a conference call with reporters Thursday. When pressed on the tweets, Cornyn grew frustrated.

"I cannot assure you that all the water is good", he said.

"Casualties don't make a person look bad", said House Speaker Paul Ryan. After the total was revised August 28, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a statement in which she did not actively dispute the revised figure.

The elderly and impoverished were hardest hit by the hurricane.

Trump reignited the controversy around the USA government's management of the disaster when he said Tuesday it was an "incredible, unsung success".

"The job that FEMA, and law enforcement and everybody did working along with the governor in Puerto Rico, I think was tremendous", Trump added.

Hurricane Florence Brings Life-Threatening Storm Surge To The Carolinas
Speaking on Fox News, the reporter warned conditions could continue for at least 12 hours as the storm moves inland. Numerous flight cancellations and delays Thursday involved arrivals or departures at airports in Florence's path.

She says the president is tone deaf to peoples' suffering. He said he wants to find out more about what the numbers are, and thinks Congress should look into it.

President Donald Trump on Thursday sought to call into question the death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, saying the death toll from the summer 2017 storm, which has been revised to almost 3,000 people, was the work of Democrats looking to tarnish his record. They calculated the total number of deaths in the period was 22% higher than the number of fatalities that would have been expected, the researchers said. One thing's for sure, and I told (the media) before, one thing I'm proud, we're standing up on our own two feet. "A true leader would offer his condolences to the people of Puerto Rico, a true leader would offer his condolences to United States citizens and vow to never let something like that happen again".

"This was done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible when I was successfully raising billions of dollars to help rebuild Puerto Rico", Trump added.

Rarest of all was direct criticism.

"I disagree with @POTUS", Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, said on Twitter.

As the days went by, the death toll kept increasing, eventually reaching 64. Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover.

The "historical relationship between Puerto Rico and Washington is unfair and un-American", said Rossello. We don't need a book.

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