Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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Hurricane Florence: Carolinas brace for 'storm of lifetime'

Hurricane-force winds extended 130 kilometres from its centre, and tropical-storm-force winds up to 315 kilometres.

By the time it leaves, it's expected to have unloaded 10 trillion gallons of rainfall in North Carolina, meteorologist Ryan Maue said. These sustained winds will continue through much of the weekend.

Scientists said it is too soon to say what role, if any, global warming played in the storm. Projections as of 5:00am EST on September 13, 2018.

Florence's weakening as it neared the coast created tension between some who left home and authorities who anxious that the storm could still be deadly. Like a giant hair dryer, these winds push seawater into low-lying marshland and delta areas.

As Hurricane Florence pummels towards the Carolinas and neighboring states, many residents are bracing for what officials are calling "the storm of a lifetime", and its anticipated catastrophic flooding, storm surge and damaging winds. US President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed declarations of emergency for North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, freeing up federal resources for storm response.

Frustrated after evacuating his beach home for a storm that was later downgraded, retired nurse Frederick Fisher grumbled in the lobby of a Wilmington hotel several miles inland. That makes it hard to project how the region will ultimately be affected.

Hurricane Florence's strongest band of rain and wind yet is now moving through eastern North Carolina. His group, the Office of Water Prediction and Luettich's team are working together to build such models now.

"It certainly is a challenge forecasting precise impacts when its exact track won't be known until a day in advance", Landsea said: There's "a huge difference" in the size and type of damage Florence inflicts if it stays 50 miles off shore versus heading inland immediately. But even much lower flood levels can be unsafe and reach surprisingly far inland, as The Weather Channel demonstrated in a stunning video released today.

Some minor flooding was reported on the Outer Banks - barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina - and in some seaside coastal towns, as more than 110,000 power outages were reported statewide.

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Up to 40 inches of rain could fall in North Carolina. Her team manages 32 wild horses living in the Rachel Carson Reserve near Beaufort, North Carolina.

"It's all going to be predicated on where the damage is at, in terms of how and where we deploy our resources", said Penn.

"This storm will bring destruction", North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said.

Steering currents - around clear-weather high-pressure systems and stormy low-pressure systems - redirect hurricanes, with the clear-weather systems acting as walls that storms have to go around.

Authorities pushed back against any suggestion the storm's threat was exaggerated.

"There definitely is a risk, but the horses are smart".

That was a bad idea, said Avair Vereen, a local nurse who had sought safety in the shelter with her seven children.

Gillikin says the North Carolina Coastal Reserve stands ready to respond with whatever resources they can to help any animal suffering after the storm.

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