Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

FDA approves heart monitor in new Apple Watch

Apple Inc introduced its largest-ever iPhone and a watch that detects heart problems on Wednesday in an attempt to get customers to upgrade to more expensive devices in the face of stagnant global demand for smartphones.

Are people mad about it?

In Australia, the 512GB iPhone XS Max costs 2,369 AUD or $1,703, a $254 difference.

Apple's event comes with the global smartphone market at near-peak saturation, and without a major catalyst for sales ahead of a likely rollout of 5G, or fifth generation, wireless networks, expected in 2019.

The largest of Apple's three new phones, called the iPhone Xs Max, has a 6.5-inch screen (measured on the diagonal) that's longer than a ham and cheese from Subway. Well, the pricing starts a lot lower than for the iPhone XS, but the differences between European and US pricing are still very much there.

Because of its bigger display size, the pixel density is lower at 326ppi which is on par with the regular iPhone 8. TechRadar's Apple iPhone XS hands on can be enjoyed in full, at your leisure, right now.

It's got an LCD screen rather than the more advanced OLED ones the other models have, it's in an aluminium frame rather than a stainless steel one and it has water resistance tech that's not quite as good as it's more-expensive siblings.

The XR supports Apple's unique dual-SIM solution, which uses one physical and one embedded SIM.

The iPhone XS comes with a 5.8-inch display while iPhone XS Max comes with a 6.5-inch display. You'll haver to wait a week longer for the XR, and that may be enough to make many buyers drop the extra $250 on a model they don't really need.

European Court To Rule On 'Right To Be 'Forgotten' 09/11/2018
Google's arguments received some support from newspapers, who have often battled the search engine in Europe on other issues. Since the 2014 ruling, Google has had close to 723,000 requests and has agreed to remove the links in 44pc of the cases .

Apple's 12-inch MacBook laptop starts at $1,299.

The Apple Watch heart monitor will now do long-term cardiac monitoring, warning when your heart beats irregularly.

CEO Tim Cook and other executives announced the latest Apple hardware updates in front of a packed room of media members, analysts, special guests and employees.

Unlike previous iPhone launches, it's not immediately obvious which iPhone you should buy if you want the best. This is actually a pretty great improvement as the new screen feels a lot more pronounced.

How about a new operating system instead?

Apple appears to have leaked the names of its new iPhone line-up on its website just hours before its live event to launch the products.

It's supposed to speed up your whole phone (like opening your camera app or typing on the keyboard). AirPods are not even in the same dimension of most analog over-the-ear headphones out there - and many in-ear wired headphones too.

Apple says it monitored some 2,500 people - measuring how they fell off ladders, missed a step while walking or got their legs caught in their trousers while getting dressed. It's a personalised version of the Animoji tech it revealed a year ago.

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