Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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Everything we know about Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup

Everything we know about Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup

However, Apple is expected to face some delays with the launch of the iPhone XR as minor complications fitting backlights on the LCD screen have arisen. Specifically, Apple's next-gen iPhone X will reportedly be called the iPhone Xs while the larger 6.5-inch model will reportedly be called the iPhone Xs Max.

Here's what to expect from Wednesday's event.

Ru Bhikha, mobiles expert at said the company's expected expansion of the iPhone line-up was a decision created to turn the heads of rival smartphone users. All these specs for the 6.1-incher make sense because Apple is planning to position this as a more "entry-level" device, the price of which would be at par with the iPhone X's lesser co-star a year ago, the iPhone 8, which is now priced starting at Dh2,991.50, which is about $815. The all new iPhone will be getting a bigger screen that could be named as the iPhone XS Plus as it is likely to be called as the iPhone XS.

But the iPhone is far from the only product Apple will look to update during what is likely to be a busy event.

On top of that, a Weibo leaker also posted what he claims to be an internal presentation slide from China Mobile, revealing many specific details of the new iPhone lineup.

Oh, and you may have noticed "iPhone Xs Max" mentioned up there; that's the rumoured name of the 6.5-inch model.

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Apple has finally announced the date for the launch event of the latest iPhones.

The company is forecast to sell 220 million iPhones in 2018, which is flat compared to previous year, but Apple has successfully raised unit prices without consumer backlash.

Apple unveiled three new iPhones and an update to the Apple Watch. In fact, we have already seen a gold iPhone in 2018 - the iPhone X that was believed to be canceled prior to the launch of iPhone a year ago. The pre-order will probably begin in the U.S. on September 14 at midnight. It will be a little bigger or smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus.

The all new Apple iPhone Models will be coming to the market with a Dual SIM Support features. The iPhone X, meanwhile, has a Dh661.50 disparity between its own 64GB and 256GB offerings.

We can also expect fast charging, as Apple will probably include a fast charger in the box. Some models, however, may come with 3GB of RAM, especially the budget model. Suffice it to say, you will hopefully be able to pick up the iPhone of your choice, no matter the model, in just a few weeks.

Currently, it is unknown whether the device will support two SIM card, or only selected models. But it's unclear on which model will the feature be available and whether it be available only for the China market, These queries will hopefully be answered on Wednesday 10 am PDT (10 pm IST). As for other features, both the Xs and Xs Max will have a gold color option, as evidenced from the leaked marketing photo below.

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