Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
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Pro and anti- whaling nations to meet in Brazil

Pro and anti- whaling nations to meet in Brazil

However the proposal faces stiff opposition from worldwide locations that argue that many whale populations are quiet susceptible or, even more broadly, that the killing of whales is more and more seen as unacceptable. Japan hunts whales according to a clause that allows for research purposes.

Pro-whaling nations on Tuesday blocked a near two-decade effort to create a South Atlantic haven for the endangered marine mammals, deepening divisions at an already fractious International Whaling Commission meeting in Brazil. The commission banned commercial whaling in the 1980s, but Japan is proposing to reinstitute it with catch limits.

The IWC placed a moratorium on whale hunting in 1986 to protect whale species from extinction.

Japan's proposal would also change the functioning of the worldwide body, reflecting its discomfort with an organization that says it has become "intolerant" and a "simple forum for confrontation".

It says it hopes that contemporary solutions - in conjunction with allowing measures to be adopted by easy, moderately than huge, majority - would smash longstanding deadlocks and allow the worldwide locations who prize conservation and those who push for sustainable use of whales to "coexist".

They argued that the 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling was originally implemented to manage the sustainable use of global whale stocks and meant to be temporary.

"This meeting is critical", said Patrick Ramage of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

The twin ideals of conservation and managed commercial whaling were "always fighting each other".

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It's not clear when the vote will happen; the meeting lasts until Friday.

Japan has hunted whales for centuries as a traditionally cheaper alternative source of protein. Its catch has declined in recent years due in part to the decline in domestic demand for whale meat and the challenges of its hunting.

Japan has a current quota of 333 specimens, about one-third of the number it hunted before the International Court of Justice failed in 2014 that the country's program lacked a scientific nature. It revised this technique and resumed the hunt in 2016.

"There have been several attempts at peacemaking; throughout the process I guess the discussion becomes more polite or organized".

Instead, at the week-long meeting in Brazil, conservationists opposed to commercial whaling are "trying to rally anti-whaling nations behind a 'Florianopolis Declaration, ' which states that commercial whaling is no longer a necessary economic activity, favoring increased investment in whale watching", AFP reported. The United States agrees that the prohibition is necessary for conservation.

"The Australian people have clearly made a decision that they don't believe that whaling is something that we should be undertaking in the 21st century", Ruston, assistant minister for worldwide development and the Pacific, told reporters in Florianópolis.

"Non-lethal whale research in this area has already provided valuable data on whales and a sanctuary would have built on this further, giving us far more useful and precise information than has ever been gained from so-called scientific whaling", he added.

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