Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Blizzard whipped up a Demon Hunter Sombra skin for BlizzCon

Blizzard whipped up a Demon Hunter Sombra skin for BlizzCon

Held every year in California, BlizzCon gathers together gamers from around the world to celebrate the communities built around Blizzard's iconic franchises, and now viewers from home can get in on the experience early with purchases of the Virtual Ticket for BlizzCon 2018. There's still a chance to get this unbelievable new skin, but you're going to have to wait awhile. The very flashy Demon Hunter Sombra was unveiled in a tweet last night, where she was labelled as an "exclusive legendary skin", that you can only access by purchasing a ticket for this year's event. For more information and to grab a Virtual Ticket for yourself, you can head over to the BlizzCon page. Blizzard's portfolio of games may be relatively small, but each is one of if not the most popular and successful in its respective genre. The newest skin for Virtual Ticket holders turns our beloved hacker into the Diablo III class "Demon Hunter" and is available immediately after purchase!

The new skin is the only selling point for the Virtual Ticket, of course. Meanwhile, as always, the ticket gives you all-access streaming to the main event as well as the BlizzCon All-Access channel, which broadcasts across the convention's two days. Panels and live shows normally only seen by conference attendees will be on display but, most importantly to some, access to virtual in-game goodies are also given to virtual ticket holders.

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Full details for the Vitual Ticket can be found on the BlizzCon website.

While playing on the new control map Busan, which went live for all Overwatch servers Tuesday, a Redditor discovered the Demon Hunter Sombra skin as an equippable skin in the hero select screen.

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