Published: Mon, August 20, 2018
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Logitech releases vertical mouse in MX series

Logitech releases vertical mouse in MX series

This productivity mouse tilts the gripping surface at a 57-degree angle for a "handshake" position that Logitech says was developed with criteria from "leading ergonomists" in mind. Enabled with both Logitech Easy-Switch and Logitech Flow you can seamlessly switch between two computers with MX VERTICAL, and even copy and paste content, images and documents between them. All of this seems pretty minor, but if you are a fan of ergonomic mouse designs and want something that's way more comfortable during long periods of use, the MX Vertical could be a good option.

While a vertical mouse may not be for everyone - it does take some acclimatization to get used to the new hand position - if you're suffering any wrist or arm strain type symptoms with your current mouse, it could well be worth exploring alternatives like this Logitech device. The comfort form is created to fit a variety of hand shapes and sizes, while the textured rubber surface and thumb rest ensure a solid and natural grip.

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The MX VERTICAL features a 4,000 DPI high-precision sensor, resulting in up to 4x less hand movement and reducing fatigue. If you're one of the unfortunate people who suffer with such pain or discomfort, then an ergonomic mouse could be the cure and Logitech just launched its most advanced ergonomic rodent yet. The cursor speed switch allows you to instantly adjust DPI speed and accuracy of your cursor with the touch of a button. Over the years, Logitech has iterated the original MX Master, launching products like the MX Master 2 and 2S. The MX Vertical will set you back £92.99 ($99.99 in the United States - that's about AU$135) and will go on sale in September, although you can pre-order the device direct from Logitech from today. Logitech already makes microphones for consumers, but with Blue.

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