Published: Sat, August 18, 2018
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Google may launch AI fitness coach

Google may launch AI fitness coach

Google says Android 9 Pie (Go edition) will take 500MB less space than Oreo which might not sound a lot but when you're dealing with 4 or 8GB of onboard memory, it is. In total, Motorola confirmed 8 devices will get the update in the near future. Android 9 Pie (Go edition) is not, obviously, as exciting as its standard counterpart but it still brings a much of crucial improvements designed specifically for its targeted users.

The company has not given an exact date for the update but it has released a list of devices that will receive it.

It seems now that Google has rolled up its sleeves and managed to further slim down the OS and its own Google Apps, even when compared to its first generation Go edition OS. The phone has a blue and purple color that changes depending on the lighting.

Google finally released the 9th iteration of Android OS called Android 9.0 Pie. This OS is built to work on low-powered devices without any jitters. Usually, when a new update arrives, it takes time (few days) to settle down, and meanwhile, may cause some more than expected battery drain. When you get exhausted after a workout, Coach will track your activity which will then alter its suggestions accordingly. Also, the YouTube Go app has added a gallery mode where you can store offline videos from the app, and it still uses less data than the previous YouTube Go.

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The philosophy behind the Go edition remains the same - Provide powerful, high-quality device experiences to first-time and entry-level smartphone users. After putting Android users through four beta updates of Android P, Google has named Android 9.0 as Android Pie.

In the company's blog post, Google talks about the most common issues found, including supporting different screen types, as well as some people having a round smartwatch, while other people have a watch with a square display, as well as those that sport chins.

That likely means you'll have to actively use the Google Coach feature to get the most from it.

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