Published: Fri, August 17, 2018
Research | By Jody Lindsey

Yellow weather warning issued for tomorrow

Yellow weather warning issued for tomorrow

The Met Office said that by the time Ernesto hits the United Kingdom he will no longer have storm status, but he will still bring heavy rain and winds.

Storm Ernesto is now brewing over the North Atlantic and is expected to hit Ireland on Saturday night.

Ernesto is expected to hit the west coast of Ireland on Saturday night, moving across Scotland and northern England as Sunday morning approaches.

Tropical storm winds range from 39mph and 73mph - above that is hurricane-force.

However, uncertainty remains over the exact path and timings of the storm, which should mainly fizzle out by the time it reaches the UK. The developing hurricane is forecast to move west of 140º west into the Central Pacific by Sunday morning. "The impacts from Ernesto will be minimal".

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The yellow advisory which was issued this Friday afternoon says there could be up to 20mm of rainfall in some areas between 8pm on Saturday and 8am on Sunday.

Thermometers will rise into the high 20s as high pressure engulfs the south of the United Kingdom on Monday and Tuesday thanks to a favourable jet stream pushing in warmer air.

The heat will then return in the middle of next week, with temperatures creeping back into the mid-20s in the south and midlands.

The low pressure will begin to barrell across north-west England and Scotland from around midnight on Saturday before drifting eastwards towards the North Sea.

Monday's weather will then ease slightly, with cloud and some rain forecast.

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