Published: Thu, August 16, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Trump labels media 'opposition party' as newspapers coordinate to denounce his rhetoric

Trump labels media 'opposition party' as newspapers coordinate to denounce his rhetoric

The Boston Globe had called last week for publications nationwide to publish editorials this Thursday that push back against Trump's repeated attacks on the media.

"To label the press "the enemy of the people" is as un-American as it is unsafe to the civic compact we have shared for more than two centuries", the Boston Globe wrote in its editorial.

Almost 350 news organisations pledged to participate, according to Marjorie Pritchard, op-ed editor at the Globe.

In St Louis, the Post-Dispatch called journalists "the truest of patriots", while the Chicago Sun-Times said it believes most Americans know Trump is talking nonsense.

The Fayetteville Observer said it hopes Mr Trump will stop making such accusations, "but we're not holding our breath". "And we're angry. Angry that we work so hard to carry out the mission our Founding Fathers envisioned, to provide the free flow of information so critical to a well-functioning democracy, only to be demonized by our president for doing our jobs".

NASA launches first ever solar probe to 'touch the sun'
The media reported on every aspect of this mission, from its name, which is given after a living person solar physicist Dr. The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory implements the mission for NASA.

Some newspapers used history lessons to state their case.

The New York Times added a pitch.

The New York Times, a common target for Trump's insults of the press, wrote in its editorial that while it's fair to critique the news media for its coverage, attacking reporters is unsafe. "We're all in this together".

The Wall Street Journal: The prominent publication chose to refrain from participating because it said it goes against the independence that editorial boards seek. The Sun wrote that Trump's attacks are wrong, but suggested the campaign gives the impression the mainstream media is pitted against the president.

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