Published: Tue, August 14, 2018
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Back in the Future: Cast reunite at fan convention

Back in the Future: Cast reunite at fan convention

Fox wrote, "Back in 2018, even Biff made it" while Wilson said "Wow".

The cast were part of a panel discussion as to whether the four of them would return for another Back To The Future film.

There's been much speculation over whether there would ever be a fourth installment of the Back To The Future series, but there's still been no announcement on whether the foursome will reunite one more time.

Michael J. Fox also said that co-creator Bob Gale is the "gatekeeper of the franchise" and as stated previously, he has no interest in a new film.

Joining Fox was his partner-in-crime Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown, as well as Thomas F Wilson (Biff Tannen) and Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines/McFly).

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While a new sequel or reboot would no doubt be a box office monster, there are two pretty big obstacles: filmmaker Robert Zemeckis and writer/producer Bob Gale, who hold the rights to the series and are both adamantly against it. Wilson joked, when asked why rumors of a fourth film continue to swirl. Although Back to the Future II and III failed to live up to the critical acclaim of the first movie, the trilogy is still a beloved piece of cinema. "This movie was so powerful to show to your children because it's the idea that if you do the right thing, if you have the courage, if you stand up for yourself at the right moment of your life, you can change not only your future but your children's future".

Fans attending the talk were decked out in "life preserver" jackets, made famous by the character of Marty.

Fox added he actually hated the now-instantly recognizable getup.

'My life was just a blur, ' he recalled.

"I'm impressed with all these people in these vests", she said, according to MassLive. "This just happened", he posted.

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