Published: Tue, August 14, 2018
Entertaiment | By Mabel Barber

Azealia Banks claims she's been waiting for Grimes at Elon Musk's home

According to Banks, she spent the past few days at the Musk estate in LA, hoping to finish a song with Grimes for her upcoming sophomore album.

A rep for Banks did not respond to a request for comment, but it seems safe to say that her collaboration with Grimes is over.

Banks further elaborated on her experience in an interview with Business Insider, which was able to confirm Banks' presence "at one of Musk's properties this weekend" via an independent secondary source. It all started when Banks said she chilled at Musk's home over the weekend while she was waiting for Grimes. But rather than cut her losses and simply fly back to NY in silence, Banks went on a separate Insta-rant that began as a delirious critique of colonial wealth and racial privilege, became a vaguely eugenicist denigration of Musk as a caveman, and ended, ultimately, on a few lines that will probably appear on her album in lieu of Grimes.

"However, when Banks got there, she claimed that 30-year-old Grimes didn't show up because she was busy "[coddling] her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on Twitter while on acid".

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As with many of Azealia Bank's online posts, things only got weirder.

In Instagram DMs with the publication, Banks said that Musk was "scrounging for investors" after tweeting out that he planned to take Tesla private and that he had funding "secured".

Elon Musk announced via Twitter that he was considering making Tesla a private company with shares starting at $420, which was a pretty big business announcement. "These fake ass libertarian shit bags".

A spokesperson for Tesla told Jalopnik that Banks' claims were "complete nonsense". "But his dumb- kept tweeting and tucked his dick in between his a- cheeks once s- hit the fan". "The last time I try working with a white bitch", it ends. "He was stressed and red in the face". "They bring me out there on the premise that we would hang and make music", Banks claimed.

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