Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
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Manafort team attacks star witness over affair, fraud and 'so many lies'

Manafort team attacks star witness over affair, fraud and 'so many lies'

Both Manafort and Gates were indicted past year on charges of bank and tax fraud as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe. Trump was indirectly referenced in multiple ways throughout the testimony, highlighting the risks to the president of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Jurors also heard from Federal Bureau of Investigation forensic accountant Morgan Magionos, the 17th witness to testify. "Mr. Manafort had the same path", Gates said. "I made a mistake".

As prosecutors near the end of their case, they likely have one question on their minds: What does the jury make of all of this?

Gates said he and Manafort created an elaborate operation in Cyprus to use shell companies to secretly accept the money.

Ellis had erupted on the prosecutors during the testimony of IRS agent Michael Welch, saying he hadn't authorized Welch to watch the trial.

When Trump asked Perlmutter, a friend and confidante, to help put together his government in December 2016, he agreed to be an outside adviser, selected veterans as his focus, and roped in two other friends, Palm Beach doctor Bruce Moskovitz and lawyer Marc Sherman, Arnsdorf says. Manafort's defense team will have a chance to offer witnesses and other evidence after the government finishes. The grand total of Manafort's payments from his offshore accounts to vendors and for properties came out to $15.5 million over the course of 2010-2014, according to Magionos. "We need to discuss Steve Calk for Sec (retary) of the Army", Manafort wrote to Gates in an email on November 24, 2016.

"The jury can't be happy with this judge because of the snide, snarky comments", Napolitano said. But Trump has shown interest in the proceedings, tweeting support for Manafort and suggesting he has been treated worse than gangster Al Capone.

"I do somehow think he has gotten his back up personally about Greg Andres".

Gates said he did not.

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At times, Ellis has crossed lines, Litman said.

After Gates testified that Manafort was "pretty good about knowing" where his money was, Ellis couldn't suppress a quip that appeared to call into question Gates' testimony.

Manafort's defense attorneys have sought to paint Gates as an embezzler, a liar and the instigator of any criminal conduct. "I'm trying to change".

She says in another instance, Manafort maintained that there were no mortgages on a separate NY property when there actually were. Witnesses are usually excluded from watching unless allowed by the judge.

Gates, Manafort's longtime right-hand man, pleaded guilty in February to one count of conspiracy against the United States and one count of lying to an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent in exchange for testifying against his former boss.

Gates, who testified Monday and returned to the witness stand Tuesday, detailed years of alleged lawbreaking at Manafort's political firm and admitted to stealing money from secret overseas bank accounts. Downing also asked whether Mueller's investigators had interviewed Gates about his role in the campaign, prompting an objection from prosecutors and a sidebar conference with U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III. Gates was asked about 11 Cypriot accounts, and he testified that they were all owned by Ukrainian businessmen.

"After all the lies you've told and fraud you've committed, you expect this jury to believe you?"

The questioning of Paul Manafort's protege during the political consultant's financial fraud trial has turned confrontational and personal, focusing on Rick Gates' own crimes as well as an extramarital affair and a plea agreement. His lawyers attacked his former colleague's character and credibility in court this week.

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