Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Alexa will soon answer old questions months after you’ve asked

Alexa will soon answer old questions months after you’ve asked

"Once Answer Updates is turned on, each time you ask Alexa a factual/informational question and she doesn't know the answer, she will go find it and send you a notification on the Echo device when she has it", Amazon explained. Ages later. Probably too late and when you've forgotten why you were asking or found out another way. But Amazon's Alexa doesn't like it when there is a question posed that she can't answer. Clever things, these AIs.

When Alexa doesn't know the answer to a question, many of us just give up, or just end up looking for the answer on our phone.

Usually when the voice assistant is stumped, it'll return an answer like "I don't know that, but I'm always learning", "I can't find the answer to the question I heard", or "Sorry, I didn't understand the question".

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First noticed by Voicebot, Amazon calls the feature Answer Update, and tells us that it's rolling out to Alexa users over the next week.

Alexa seems to respond this way whether Answer Updates is on or off, which may make it hard to remember whether the feature is enabled.

Users were already able to keep track of their conversations with Alexa in the Alexa smartphone app, which lists every question put to the assistant and the answer given in response. The capability can also be enabled by saying, "Alexa, turn on Answer Update". Unfortunately for Amazon, nobody really uses that feature.

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