Published: Wed, August 08, 2018
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'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Menu Revealed, Showing Secret New Mode

'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Menu Revealed, Showing Secret New Mode

Simon Belmont is sporting his classic look from the 8-bit era and he wields all his traditional weapons, including the Vampire Killer whip, axe, cross, and holy water. Ultimate-themed Nintendo Direct which saw the addition of new fighters to the game's roster such as Chrom from Fire Emblem, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, and King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong series. Considering that Snake is now reappearing in Smash Bros Ultimate, it seems that Nintendo's partnership with Konami for Smash Bros has been rekindled, and Castlevania fans will no doubt be pleased that the gothic action series is being teased for the Switch fighting game.

Meanwhile, "Monster Hunter's" fearsome Rathalos will be joining the game as a series-first boss and Assist Trophy. It's up to players to decide how they want them displayed. Here, too, we see one of the options blurred out, which must correspond to the mysterious new game mode. Poké Balls also have a few new Pokémon that can be found, mostly focusing around the creatures introduced in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, such as Alolan Exeggutor, Solgaleo, Lunala, and more.

Music: Smash Bros. Ultimate will include over 800 tracks, which add up to over 28 hours of music. Ultimate all launching within three months of one another. If enabled, players can charge their Final Smash Meter over the course of a battle. You can choose how many human players and CPU participants you want (up to a total of 32 players) and then the game will automatically structure a tournament bracket to accommodate those fighters.

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Smashdown: After battling in this mode, the previously selected fighters will no longer be available, forcing players to have to pick a different fighter for the next round. Besides a new stage based on an actual grid that helps measure distance, it can also transition into a Battlefield-style stage complete with platforms.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will also have a stage morph function, making it possible to switch between two stages mid-fight, which should create some interesting encounters.

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