Published: Wed, August 08, 2018
Sport | By Cameron Gross

Ben Stokes mocked two gay men, bouncer tells trial

Ben Stokes mocked two gay men, bouncer tells trial

Even as England prepare for the second Test against India to build up on their 1-0 lead achieved at Edgbaston, the trial of their premier all-rounder Ben Stokes over a brawl in a nightclub in Bristol previous year has gained momentum.

A still from CCTV footage showing Stokes, left, and Alex Hales outside Mbargo nightclub in Bristol. "I walked into the road to try and intervene and got between them".

"As I was on my own, when I separated two of them more people carried on behind me".

"While I was trying to stop the fighting, one man struck another with a clenched fist and he fell to the floor".

Stokes, who is standing trial for affray alongside Ryan Ali and Ryan Hale, was described as "trying to get at another individual" by Mark Spure, an off-duty member of the police force, who witnessed part of the incident.

Nicholas Corsellis, prosecuting, told the jury: "Mr Cunningham observed Mr Stokes's behaviour towards them. He had a green t-shirt on".

Mr Ali "seemed to be trying to back away or get away from the situation" before he was punched by Mr Stokes, he added.

Mr Spure told the court he had tried to move Mr Ali out of the road, as there were passing cars, but he was "completely unable to move".

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He alleged that cricketer Hales, who is not on trial, had "definitely used his feet on three occasions" on Ali. He was taken to Bristol Royal Infirmary by ambulance and diagnosed as having suffered a fracture to the medial orbital wall on the left side of his face. He also had a cracked left molar as well as other bruising.

Stokes maintains he was acting in self-defence with one of the investigating police officers confirming both Hale and Ali were holding bottles. In a statement read to the court, he said: "I saw a group of three to five males engaged in a scuffle in the road and was about five metres away. From the moment I approached him (Stokes) he calmed down and he was completely compliant with me". And Stokes replied: "Because he was abusing my two friends for being gay".

Stokes' lawyer Gordon Cole said Barry and O'Connor had been "taking the mickey" out of Stokes' shoes.

Stokes had no obvious injuries apart from swelling over a knuckle on his right hand.

Stokes offered £60 and then £300 to be let in, said Cunningham - an offer he refused.

Mr Cole asked: "You loosened the handcuff and he thanked you for it?"

Footage from a body camera worn by PC Stacey Alway, who arrested Mr Stokes, was shown to the jury. He consequently hit the two other men.

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