Published: Wed, August 08, 2018
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Australia backlash over far-right figure's TV interview

Australia backlash over far-right figure's TV interview

Blair Cottrell appeared on "The Adam Giles Show" Sunday evening during which he was referred to as an "activist" and asked for his political ambitions and his position on Australian government's immigration policy.

In September previous year, Cottrell was found guilty of inciting serious contempt for Muslims after he and two other far-right nationalists uploaded a video on the United Patriots Front Facebook page of a mock beheading to protest against the building of a mosque in Bendigo. "The election of Donald Trump is proof that the values and the narratives of the mainstream media do not necessarily represent the values of the people".

In the interview Cottrell advocated for immigration based on race. "Blair Cottrell will not be back on the channel". "His views do not reflect ours".

The decision to put Cottrell on Sky News was "another step in a journey to normalising racism and bigotry in our country", Emerson said.

"We deeply regret featuring the interview on our channel", Angelos Frangopoulos said.

The former United Patriots Front leader was invited onto the Adam Giles Show for a studio interview and spoke with the former Northern Territory chief minister about winding back on immigration and protecting countries against foreign ideologies.

Former Labor politician Craig Emerson quit as a Sky News commentator in the wake of the scandal, telling the public his father fought Nazis in World War II and was interred in a German prisoner of war camp.

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But a controversial Sky News interview with the convicted arsonist and neo-Nazi - which led to a massive backlash from viewers - has sent the outspoken critic of multiculturalism into a frenzied attack mode.

A SkyNews interview with far right nationalist Blair Cottrell has been pulled by the broadcaster. If that doesn't ring any bells, he's also the guy that proudly claimed to have used "violence and terror" to manipulate women.

Sky News's political editor, David Speers, said on Twitter the outrage was "understandable" and agreed with Laura Jayes, a Sky political reporter, who called Cottrell a "fascist".

Greens MP David Shoebridge lodged a formal complaint with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), citing "offensive and unsafe content", and demanding an investigation into how Cottrell was booked in the first place.

She tweeted out Mr Cottrell's "rape" message last night - saying it proved her original character assessment was correct.

"Sky News caved already to Leftist abuse", Cottrell wrote.

"I hope my Greens colleagues, and all MPs who care about decency, will join me", he tweeted on Sunday. Bolt, a Dutch-born immigrant, argued that Australian society was being "invaded" by alien tribes who did not assimilate, and this was creating a divided society fed by leftish elites pushing multiculturalism, threatening us with disaster. The Coalition government has recently been accused of whipping up fear over Sudanese gangs in Melbourne to justify its policies.

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