Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
Business | By Tara Barton

Trump Says Europe Is 'Losing Its Culture' Due to Immigration - Lauretta Brown

President Donald Trump pressed ahead Friday with his complaints that European immigration policies are changing the "fabric of Europe" and destroying European culture.

Trump told the British tabloid that "allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame".

Trump stressed his maternal Scottish and paternal German roots, declaring: "I have a great love for the countries of Europe".

"The UK has a proud history of welcoming people who are fleeing persecution to our country", she said.

Earlier on Friday, the PM's spokeswoman stressed the positive contribution made by those who have moved to Britain, but made clear freedom of movement will end when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in March next year.

May says people of different backgrounds have contributed to her country's society, but it's important to have a "set of rules" when it comes to immigration. "I made that loud and clear and that's the way I feel", he added.

But despite the strong anti-immigration language, more reminiscent of far-right protesters than a sitting president, Trump supporters in London for the "carnival of resistance" said the President was right to voice concerns.

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Standing next to May at Chequers, the prime minister's official country estate, Trump acknowledged that his remarks were "politically not necessarily correct".

"I dont think it's good for Europe".

He said he believed a "small minority" of immigrants do not support British values, but that immigration had had "a positive impact on this country overall".

Migration levels to Europe have actually declined recently, dropping to numbers more common prior to 2015, when an influx of people sought to seek asylum on the continent to escape conflict and humanitarian crises in the Middle East and Africa.

"What we need is a fair Australia-style points-based system which will make immigration fairer and controlled".

President Trump criticized Europe's lax immigration policies in an exclusive interview with The Sun which was released as Trump arrived in the UK Thursday for his first visit as USA president. "And of course that is what, as a government, we have been doing for a number of years and will continue to do in the future". I made that recommendation to Europe.

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