Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Ever the salesman, Trump pushes NATO allies to buy US arms

As well as Merkel, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Charles Michel, the prime minister of Belgium, were also singled out by Trump for undershooting on their spending targets when USA taxpayers, funding a defence budget worth about 3.6% of their national income, foot much of Nato's bills. And the United States is being treated much more fairly.

Singleton went on to cite polling that showed a large number of Americans believe North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member countries should be paying more.

Trump added that May's "soft" blueprint for the U.K.'s future dealings with the European Union would probably "kill" any future trade deals with the United States.

"Dear @realDonaldTrump. US doesn't have and won't have a better ally than EU". Trump tweeted on Thursday morning before the second day of talks.

Trump reportedly targeted Germany the most during the meeting, and even accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of being "totally controlled by Russia", referring to heavy imports of Russian gas.

Trump had spent his time in Brussels berating members of the military alliance for failing to spend enough of their money on defense, accusing Europe of freeloading off the USA and raising doubts about whether he would come to members' defense if they were attacked.

"There's a great, very collegial spirit in that room", he told reporters. "He seems to look at this as we do everything for them, and we provide them with benefits, and they just take advantage of us".

Politico said Trump warned of "grave consequences" if the allies did not immediately meet the 2 per cent spending targets.

That 2024 goal had been set in 2014.

Not even a third of the allies have reached the 2%-goal, and the U.S. spends about 3.5% of its own GDP on defence. He also wrongly stated he had achieved an increase in defense spending by United States allies, when no such agreement was reached.

Trump is reported to have spoken of "grave consequences" if allies did not meet their 2 percent of GDP defense spending targets, saying that the United States could "go our own way" if his demands were not met.

Melania Trump tries her hand at bowls during United Kingdom visit
Trump initiated a high five with one of the veterans - known as a Chelsea pensioner - after he gave her effort the thumbs up. Since arriving in the United Kingdom on Thursday, Melania Trump has been impressing with her array of outfit choices.

He said: "There is a communique that was published yesterday. It's very detailed", the Associated Press quoted Macron as saying. He said the allies had confirmed their intention to meet the goal of 2 per cent by 2024 and no more.

Trump again stunned U.S. allies by sounding deeply critical of the longstanding post-war security alliance of 29 nations. "The additional money they will be putting up has been really wonderful".

McCain then ticked off a series by transgressions by Putin, including the "attack" on the US election and efforts "to undermine democratic institutions throughout the world".

The emergency session came amid reports that Trump had threatened to leave the pact if allies didn't immediately up their spending, but officials said no explicit threat was made. He said her former foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, would make an "excellent" prime minister, speaking just days after Johnson resigned his position in protest over May's Brexit plans.

It was only last month that after a disastrous G-7 summit, Trump signed a joint communiqué with other allies and then changed his mind while flying home. And one of the freedoms we have is freedom of speech and the freedom to express your views. "I'm a very stable genius". "There is a complete unpredictability in this, and one of the things you need in this alliance is predictability towards Russian Federation".

But if Mr. Trump was expecting a friendly reception from our allies, he was in for a big surprise.

He also said meeting the queen would be an experience Trump "will really cherish".

Neither side expects the one-day summit on Monday, the first between the two leaders, to yield major policy breakthroughs given the battered state of U.S. -Russia relations, which are languishing at their lowest ebb since the Cold War.

America's situation is unsustainable economically and politically, and it's transparently intolerable to Trump, who does not appear to be a turn-the-other-cheek sort of fellow. He described the a "hot-spot with lots of resignations".

Trump's trip to Britain will test the bonds of the U.S. and U.K.'s special relationship.

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