Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Trump arrives United Kingdom for first State visit

It noted that numerous demonstrations are being planned for July 12 to 14, surrounding the visit of the President.

A giant six-metre-high blimp of Trump depicted as an orange baby in nappies is also expected to fly over the capital.

"I think it's amusing".

Mr Trump with meet with UK Prime Minister Theresa May and the Queen.

"The people voted to break it up (Britain's ties with the EU)", Trump said. "I don't know (if) that is what they voted for", he added. But I would like to see them work out Brexit quickly.

Asked about his views on the UK's plans for Brexit, Trump said: 'I would say Brexit is Brexit.

Trump had been reacting to recent fractions within the Cabinet over Brexit.

The poll conducted this week said 63 per cent found Trump racist, and 74 per cent said he was sexist.

Mr Trump's planned visit has been met with plenty of anger, with 50,000 protesters expected to take to the streets of central London on Friday.

"Now more than ever we have a responsibility to stand up for our values and ensure our voice is heard around the world", he wrote in London's Evening Standard newspaper.

Security is still a cornerstone of the relationship, as are trade and less tangible things like shared language and the fact that many Americans are proud of their British roots.

Iranian women have been arrested for dancing on Instagram
Sharing her own dancing clip, @Marun_1 said:"usually I don't share pictures and videos but today is an important day". The Iranian National Parliament on Wednesday weighed in, and criticised the arrest of the teenager.

But Brexit champion Nigel Farage predicted there would be a "real clash" on Brexit.

Earlier, Mr Trump told reporters: "I think they like me a lot in the United Kingdom, I think they agree with me on immigration".

Trump will depart the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels on Thursday afternoon local time and head to London for a greeting ceremony.

He will then travel to Helsinki for a summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Trump, who has repeatedly praised Brexit, has expressed enthusiasm for a wide-ranging trade deal with Britain after its European Union departure in March next year.

His "America First" policies, including the decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord and the nuclear deal with Iran, have brought him into conflict with Britain's leaders over issues of real substance.

May will host a black-tie dinner for Trump there, attended by senior ministers and about 100 business leaders, including from Blackstone group, Blackrock, Diageo, McLaren and Arup.

The state visit has never been scheduled - there is fierce opposition to it in many quarters of Britain - and this trip is part of a working visit instead, meaning, among other things, that Trump will overnight at Winfield House, the USA ambassador's handsome residence near Regents Park rather than in Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle as a guest of the queen.

The visit is seen as crucial at setting the course for a closer trading relationship between the two countries.

Mr Trump will instead be ensconced at Windsor Castle, west of London on Friday when a blimp tethered next to the Houses of Parliament.

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