Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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The heroes of the Thai cave rescue

The heroes of the Thai cave rescue

Coach Ake, as he is known, is the assistant coach who was with the 12 boys in the caves, and was the last person to be rescued.

After days of mounting speculation, a former Thai Navy SEAL diver broke the silence, revealing the boys were sleeping or partially-conscious as they were passed from diver-to-diver through the cave.

"He said the only thing I want to do now is hug my son, embrace him and ask him how he's feeling".

The group ventured into the vast cave complex in the northern province of Chiang Rai after soccer practice on June 23 and were trapped when a rainy season downpour flooded tunnels.

The first three children brought out this morning were treated first in a field hospital before they were stable enough to be transported to a normal hospital, reported the NOS from Thailand.

Derek Anderson, a 32-year-old rescue specialist with the US Air Force based in Okinawa, Japan, said that at times during the risky rescue, the boys had to be put into harnesses and high-lined across the rocky caverns.

"We fought and were defeated, losing space to the water", Acting Chiang Rai governor and rescue coordinator Narongsak Osatanakorn told the media.

Harris signed off on the health of the boys before each rescue began and did not emerge from the cave until each day's rescue had been completed.

The dramatic rescue operation dominated front-page headlines in Thailand.

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Another part of the clip shows two divers going under the deep, muddy waters that still filled the rest of the subterranean system, but it isn't clear if the kids swam or were carried through this section. They were found by a pair of British divers 10 days later, huddled on a small, dry shelf just above the water, smiling with relief but visibly skinny. We wish them a speedy recovery.

"It's really a miracle", she said.

"If you didn't use the water pump in that location, you could only come out with an oxygen tank", ex-SEAL Com Chaiyananta said. "They were making progress, but it was very little progress and they were exhausting themselves spending maybe five or six hours and covering 40 or 50 metres".

"The area will become a living museum, to show how to operation unfolded", Narongsak Osottanakorn, the former governor and head of the rescue mission, told a news conference.

There were about 100 people inside the cave for each rescue operation and each boy was handled by dozens of people as their perilous movement through a total of nine chambers unfolded. "It's hope and faith that has brought us this success".

"Some have had muscle infections, cold, flu, and some psychologists have been taking care of them to relieve stress", Health Ministry Inspector Lertvirairatanapong said.

The soccer world has reached out in other ways to rescued boys.

"This has been the largest, most complex cave rescue in history".

"If you lose your cool in an environment like that, there is a lot of bad repercussions".

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