Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Google Pay gets boarding passes, ability to send money to contacts

Google Pay gets boarding passes, ability to send money to contacts

Since rolling out the revamped version to Android devices and Chrome, Google made it available to Firefox, Safari and iOS.

Vestager is expected to deliver a decision next week on whether Google will be fined billions of dollars for forcing its apps on makers of Android-toting devices, which could result in significant changes to the mobile operating system.

Today, Google announced a handful of features for Google Pay that might finally turn it into the company's one-stop-shop mobile payments app for Android users. The year started with us learning about Google's plan to rebrand all payment services into one and called it Google Play. Plus, if you download the app, you'll be able to quickly set up eligible cards saved to your Google Account to pay with your phone in stores. Google said that you can send or request money from Google Pay if you live in the US with the United Kingdom rolling out shortly.

The old Android Pay is now known as Google Play.

Next, support for storing event tickets and boarding passes within the app.

BMC take team time trial stage but Froome makes gains
Indeed, you only had to look at the scheduled start times to see just who among the favourites was in need of gaining back some time.

Feel free to use the service with your other loyalty cards or gift cards for more rewards. You can even be reminded to use the card while you're at the store.

Google Pay is now in third place in the mobile payment race behind Starbucks and Apple Pay and just ahead of Samsung Pay, according to eMarketer.

With Google Pay, it will be easier to split the bill or pay the tab when going out with friends. You can now save tickets from services like Ticketmaster and Southwest Airlines, and other services like Singapore Airlines and Eventbrite will be supported in the near future.

Google Pay isn't exclusive to Android but you do need a Google account.

If she decides to slap Google with the fine, it will be the second record fine since past year, when the European Union fined Google US$2.7 billion for allegedly lowering the ranking of competitor shopping comparison tools to promote its own.

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