Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
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Cop under investigation after ignoring woman's pleas for help from drunk man

Cop under investigation after ignoring woman's pleas for help from drunk man

A 62-year-old man appears to be in need of geography lessons after he allegedly accosted a woman for wearing a T-shirt with an image of the Puerto Rican flag in an IL park. Video of the incident has gone viral. In the video, an older, unidentified white man, is seen provoking Irizarry and aggressively asking why she is wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt in America. She said today she spoke with Puerto Rico's governor about the incident. As of Monday night, the 36-minute video was no longer available on the social media site.

"Are you a citizen?"

At one point Irizzary's brother returns from grabbing food for the party and tries to get Trybus to leave her alone. "Are you a United States citizen?"

"You're not American, if you were American you wouldn't wear that".

On several occasions she called out to the officer who was first on the scene, telling him how uncomfortable she was with the man harassing her. That officer is now under investigation.

Irizarry can be heard explaining to the officer that the incident began when they had asked the group the man was in if they could move as they had a permit for the area. In the background, a police officer is standing outside the park pavilion. The man was charged with disorderly conduct and assault, police said.

Mia Irizarry was just trying to celebrate her 24th birthday at the park on June 14. She wrote on Facebook, "the man was charged and left handcuffed in the back of a squad vehicle".

Eventually, more officers arrived and the woman was able to file a police report.

"Because of the seriousness of the encounter, the fact that it targeted the Puerto Rican community in and around my District, and the growing number of anti-Latino and anti-immigrant hate crimes being reported, I demand the Civil Rights Division investigate to see if federal civil rights charges are warranted", the statement read. "Still had friends come over and had a decent time".

The video sparked widespread outrage on July 9. Ricardo Rossello, the governor of Puerto Rico, wants the officer fired.

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Rossello Tweeted: "I am sure @tonipreckwinkle will take matter into her hands as justice and diversity have been central to her exemplary career".

"If the investigation confirms the officer did not take appropriate steps to ensure public safety, disciplinary action will be swift", Stagner said via email.

The flags of Puerto Rico and the United States fly side-by-side, May 8, 2017, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

'We can not allow those who do not understand America's greatness to terrorize people due to their background.

As he gets more belligerent and comes toward her, Irizarry tries to get a nearby officer with the Cook County Forest Preserves force to help her.

Preckwinkle called the video "completely unacceptable" and said she was "troubled" by the officer's response to the "terrible" incident.

The Forest Preserves wrote on Twitter on Monday that the investigation of the officer is "ongoing" and that he'd been assigned to desk duty "pending the outcome".

The agency adds, "The intoxicated individual involved in the incident was arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct".

The park location was not identified in the Facebook post, but a Twitter army tracked the location as one of the areas supervised by the Forest Preserves Department of Cook County, which includes Chicago.

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