Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
Sport | By Cameron Gross

Bucks Rookie Donte DiVincenzo Only Has $3.71 In His Bank Account

Bucks Rookie Donte DiVincenzo Only Has $3.71 In His Bank Account

Donte DiVincenzo is yet to cash his first National Basketball Association check with the Milwaukee Bucks, and for now, his funds reflect that of a broke college student, something he might still be if he pursued his senior season with the Villanova Wildcats. Teammate D.J. Wilson recently posted a photo on instagram, showing that DiVincenzo's Wells Fargo bank accounts only have a combined $3.71 ($2.68 in checking, $1.03 in savings). But the added exposure could lead to greater endorsement opportunities, particularly after he made a name for himself nationally as Villanova's sixth man during the NCAA Tournament. The school definitely turned a profit off of him as all of college sports do these days, but those days are about to change for Donte DiVincenzo.

While Donte is one of three first-round draft picks who have yet to sign a contract, that bank account should see a nice increase soon.

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Milwaukee Bucks rookie Donte DiVincenzo appears to really need that first paycheck. Rookies can make anywhere between 80 and 120 percent of the scale, so it is possible that he could have a two-year deal of $5,386,800 on his hands.

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