Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
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Fortnite Season 5 release date confirmed in new teaser

Fortnite Season 5 release date confirmed in new teaser

Some said it was Egyptian while others said that it appeared to be a reference to Japanese culture, and according to some evidence from a Fortnite player who owns one of the masks themselves, it appears that it's the latter.

So while Fortnite fans have a few extra days to complete their tiers, Season 4 will finish on Wednesday, July 11. This is the Fortnite Season 5 release date, which is no coincidence.

That means players can get ready to explore a revamped map and collect new loot through the battle pass on Thursday, July 12.

With the run-up to Fortnite season 4, Epic Games revealed on Twitter a new teaser daily in the week leading up to its launch.

What can you expect from the Season 5 Battle Pass?

This follows previous delays for Fortnite fans during past season crossovers. Epic usually releases seven challenges each week that range in difficulty. We can make out a kabuki kitsune mask as well as the clear artwork of the crack in the sky from the recent in-game event, and.that's about it.

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What major changes will we see to the map and game for Season 5?

Speculation ranges from time travel to more missile strikes and from an alien invasion to some sort of post-apocalyptic world.

One area of the map that everyone is convinced will change is Wailing Woods, though nobody seems to be quite sure what it will become.

A torrent of teasers has been released in-game this week, suggesting that the Season 5 theme will be based around historical time periods.

The Fortnite Worlds Collide event appears to be the evolution point for Season 4's transformation into Season 5. This time around, it looks like players will be seeing features from other worlds, as rifts open up and bring items in and out of reality. Now, the time has come for Epic Games to take the unusual rift events one step further, although the changes have not been unveiled yet.

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