Published: Sat, June 23, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Epic Games plans big changes for Fortnite end game

Epic Games plans big changes for Fortnite end game

The crux of the changes will enable players to counter others in combat - especially in late-game scenarios which tend to be dominated by excessive building and powerful shotguns.

One of those aspects has been the constantly evolving map, which has been changing on a near weekly basis stemming from when it was struck by meteors at the start of the season.

This build-to-win mentality is so dominant that other strategies are being "drowned out". While many players probably wouldn't think so, Epic seems to think it might be.

Epic has already made changes to the effectiveness of shotguns, and in the blog also talk about adding resource caps, so that it'll be more hard to build complex structures.

Hopefully. Fan bases are notoriously fickle when it comes to changes, so it'll be interesting to see how this goes down.

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What is Epic planning for the future? The most important, and possibly game-changing addition is resource caps, which Epic is now exploring. With a slew of hardware choices on which to play the game, Epic also wants to make sure that its meta evolves meaningfully, with the studio having recently announced that it wants to give players more ways to counter.

You should be able to find Victory Royales through multiple strategies. As stated by the studio in regards to forthcoming changes coming over the next few weeks, "Shotguns should be strong, but other weapons have room to grow".

"Not every encounter should have to end in a build-off", says the blog. The Fortnite team wants to empower players in ways that will showcase "skill, strategy and tactics".

The latest changes on IGN's Fortnite map are focused on three major areas: Dusty Divot, Tilted Towers, and the Rocket at the Villain Lair near Snobby Shores. Epic Games has now acknowledged building as being the main deciding factor, and is looking to implement a new Fortnite update that changes how matches play out. Head down to the comments section and let us know!

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