Published: Wed, June 20, 2018
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Ally Fires Migrant Ultimatum at Merkel as Trump Wades in

Ally Fires Migrant Ultimatum at Merkel as Trump Wades in

Merkel said Monday that she agreed with 62 of the 63 proposals in the plan, which has not yet been published in full.

She said that both her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Interior minister's Christian Social Union (CSU) "want to decrease migration".

Seehofer, who heads one of three parties in Merkel's coalition, defied her with plans to order migrants turned away as soon as yesterday. As a result, the CSU is toughening its position on immigration, even if that comes at the cost of generating friction with Merkel's CDU. The CSU has governed Bavaria since 1957.

Merkel does not have many options for how to resolve the conflict.

US President Donald Trump doubled down Tuesday on the false assertion that immigration is driving up crime in Germany, casting doubt on the country's official statistics.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sits in a vehicle as she arrives for a leaders meeting of her Christion Democratic Union party at the party's headquarters in Berlin on Monday.

But she reiterated her opposition to Germany unilaterally closing its borders as this would pass the migrant burden on to neighboring countries, "unleashing undesired domino effects". Unilateral action would also anger our Austrian neighbour, who would be saddled with most of the migrants Germany turns back.

That number dropped significantly past year however, to 312 recorded offenses.

In opposing Merkel on immigration, the CSU may have a bigger aim, Mayer warns: "Arguably, their real motivation is to push Chancellor Merkel out of her office".

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The poor showing also set off an internal power struggle: Seehofer salvaged his job as party leader but gave up the Bavarian governor's job to younger rival Markus Soeder.

For Merkel, who has faced the most serious challenge to her authority in recent days over her handling of the refugee influx of 2015 and 2016, the display of amitié was particularly important. It would also gravely weaken the CSU, whose dominance of Bavarian politics relies on its influence in Berlin.

Another poll released Friday found that 66 percent of respondents are in favor of a European solution to the refugee issue, promoted by Chancellor Merkel.

Furthermore, although asylum seekers registered in another EU country do not have the right to claim asylum in Germany under German law, that legislation is superseded by EU rules, which stipulate that every EU country must check which state is responsible for an asylum seeker, rather than sending him or her back across the border.

In terms of the foreign and defense policy, the two countries called for a European debate on new formats, such as an EU Security Council, and opportunities for closer coordination within the EU and in external fora.

However, Merkel has been unyielding in defending her initial decision to keep Germany's borders open, telling lawmakers earlier this month that "in an exceptional humanitarian situation, Germany behaved very responsibly".

In the Belgian capital, where European Union bodies have been trying for years to negotiate a European solution regarding the reception and distribution of asylum seekers and migrants, you don't need to look far to find the consequences of migration.

Merkel later on Monday met Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte for talks in Berlin and said Berlin wanted to support Rome in its efforts to reduce the number of migrants arriving on its shores, possibly handling asylum requests for the European Union in non-European countries including Libya.

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