Published: Sat, June 16, 2018
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Bill Clinton's novel sees fastest fiction sales in two years

Bill Clinton's novel sees fastest fiction sales in two years

Former President Bill Clinton, in a recent discussion with PBS about former Senator Al Franken, noted changing "norms" about "what you can do to somebody against their will".

The former president said Franken's fate should have been decided by voters during his 2018 reelection bid, rather than by Senate Democrats, almost all of whom publicly called on Franken to resign last December.

Clinton has gotten multiple chances to answer this question - and every time, his takes have gotten worse.

"You have to adapt", he emphasized, "and I would think he would have had automatic answers for, 'Do you owe Monica Lewinsky an apology, ' 'What do you make of the #MeToo movement'".

I think it's a good thing that we should all have higher standards.

"I know some of the people on that team, and I'm sure they tried to prepare him", the CNN's chief Washington correspondent allowed, before laying into Clinton's handling of the sensitive subject matter.

China vows to retaliate to Donald Trump's tariffs on $50bn of goods
And the Chinese government warned then it wouldn't honor its pledge to increase purchases of USA goods if tariffs were imposed. The 28 members of the European Union agreed Thursday that retaliatory tariffs would go into effect in the coming days.

In an interview that aired Thursday, Woodruff pointed out that the allegations of misconduct against Franken were not as serious as those that were leveled at Clinton both during and before his time in office.

"I think the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their will", he said.

Clinton added that you "don't have to physically assault somebody" to make them "uncomfortable". "That, I think, is good".

"Bill, my dude, how about you stop talking" tweeted Refinery29 reporter Andrea González-Ramírez.

He called Franken "a hard case" and pointed to a letter that former and current female "SNL" cast members wrote to defend the senator. He came under fire last week for comments he made while speaking to NBC about the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Tapper agreed with Todd, who said that he was surprised Clinton didn't even apologize to Lewinsky, something Clinton was asked about during one of his interviews. "I meant it then and I mean it today".

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