Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
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Trump partly right on Canada's dairy tariffs

Trump partly right on Canada's dairy tariffs

President Trump was rebuked by Canada's House of Commons for lashing out at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after leaving the Gang of Seven summit in Montreal this weekend.

For one thing, Mr. Trump told the world that the USA and Canada were very close to agreement on a sunset clause - which, if true, would have been an embarrassing climb-down for Mr. Trudeau.

"Obviously we support the continuing efforts by the president on North Korea, we look forward to looking at the details of the agreement", Trudeau said Tuesday as he arrived on Parliament Hill for his weekly cabinet meeting.

Navarro said Sunday that his sentiment came "right from Air Force One".

"It was rare for me to go to a war zone to meet with my own folks without meeting Canadians who were thoroughly integrated", he said, and then noted that American and Canadian intelligence services "don't just cooperate, we're by and large integrated because we have common values and common legal systems and common strategic objectives".

Trudeau and his ministers were careful to say nothing that would add fuel to Trump's ire, hoping it will dissipate once the president is no longer stressed about his historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. "And that's what bad-faith Justin Trudeau did with that stunt press conference".

"If you make a mistake, you should it admit it, learn from it, don't repeat it", Navarro said.

Peter Navarro is President Donald Trump's National Trade Council adviser.

The Canadian prime minister has been under attack from various members of the Trump administration since his remarks at the G7.

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How so? Trudeau said at a news conference at the end of a tense Group of Seven summit that USA tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum were "kind of insulting", because Trump cited national security to erect them.

The feud escalated on Friday and Saturday as Trump called for Russian Federation to be readmitted to the G-7, a group of leading industrialized nations, and declared after he left the summit that the USA would not endorse a joint communique issued by the group.

The the end of May imposed tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports against Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

On Tuesday, Trump said: "We have a big trade deficit with's close to $100 billion a year deal loss".

"We finished the meeting, really everybody was happy, and I agreed to sign something", Mr Trump said.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly complained in recent days about Canadian tariffs on dairy products. And in fact, despite Canada's tariff, the US runs a surplus in dairy trade with its northern neighbor.

Dairy farmers have an outsized influence in Canadian politics, as they are concentrated in the vote-rich provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Mr Kudlow later suffered a "very mild" heart attack, the White House said Monday, but was in good condition. The motion acknowledges the close and mutually beneficial relationship between Canada and the United States, but says they "strongly oppose" the "illegitimate tariffs" now imposed by our southern neighbours.

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