Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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France's Macron seeks to forge European front against Trump

France's Macron seeks to forge European front against Trump

The US leader will miss talks about climate change and clean energy, and will have left Canada by the time Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other leaders begin closing news conferences likely to be laden with criticism of Washington's trade policy.

European Council President Donald Tusk, who will attend the meeting of EU leaders, said in the New York Times this week "Europe must now do everything in its power to protect the trans-Atlantic bond, in spite of today's mood".

"We have always been clear that we should engage with Russian Federation".

"All of these countries have been taking advantage of the United States on trade", he said before flying out. On the other hand, another social media user said, "It looks as if Madam Merkel is teaching The Donald a lesson!"

Senior Trump aides escalated the rhetoric on Sunday morning's news shows, with chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow calling Trudeau's remarks "a betrayal" on CNN's "State of the Union" and top trade adviser Peter Navarro saying on "Fox News Sunday" that "there's a special place in hell" for the Canadian leader. Of course, as usual, Trump had his facts wrong - it was the Brits who burned the White House.

The series of events opened what was expected to be a day-and-a-half of animosity between Trump and infuriated Western leaders, at least behind closed doors.

It's a startling attack on the leader of the USA neighbour and ally. Macron added that the United States is the historical ally of France, and Paris needs the support of Washington. "Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn't".

European officials at the summit were shocked by the idea, or dismissive, and Tusk, while admitting that it was hard to be surprised by Trump's pronouncements any more, said: "Let's leave the G7 as it is". They include the US trade war with Europe, climate change, relations with Iran and the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Melania trump admired appearance at a gala evening at Ford’s theater
Melania Trump has attended an annual gala benefiting the Washington theater where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. This isn't the first time the first lady has likely used fashion as a way of speaking without saying a word.

The White House has downplayed reports of tensions between the leaders, but stressed that the president is committed to overhauling trade practices.

Nearly 18 months into Trump's presidency, Merkel's comments offered renewed evidence of Germany's struggle to adapt to an upended relationship with the US. He has managed to make an enemy out of Macron and pushed him to Angela Merkel. This was taken as a direct challenge to Merkel (a conservative but not a populist).

No one benefits more from Trump's disdain for onetime Western partners than Putin. Instead of fighting big battles with Trump, his counterparts were angling for a baseline of agreement that might be as low as an acknowledgment of the important role of the G-7. "ZTE is a much greater national security threat than steel from.

A lot of people wrote a couple of things that weren't quite true - a little bit accurate, perhaps - we've had a little test every once in a while when it comes to trade", Trump said before the sit-down. He clearly feels more comfortable with them than he does with Western democratic leaders.

European Union nations' failure to speak and act with one voice overseas is a "danger", Merkel warned, as is the fact "that we have no collective approach to the question of managing migration", vital if freedom of movement within Europe's borders is to be upheld. The president thinks he can do great deals mano a mano with tough guys. He is leaving himself alone without allies.

"Just another #G7 where other countries expect America will always be their bank", Bolton wrote.

Trudy Rubin is a columnist and editorial-board member for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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