Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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China's Xi backs nuclear deal in talks with Iran leader

China's Xi backs nuclear deal in talks with Iran leader

The US President Donald Trump announced May 8 that the United States walks away from the JCPOA. I think it would be good the United States.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he told Trump that readmitting Russian Federation "is not something that we are even remotely looking at at this time". Putin appeared to agree with Trump's view that Russian Federation should be readmitted. At the same time, all-out development and cooperation and preventing damage to worldwide trade and having legitimate economic relations based on irrelevant political considerations are definitely necessary to achieve this common goal and lead to balanced and sustainable development. Let's be serious and worthy of our people. "We have to carefully analyse, watch what's going on, and see at what stage and how we can participate in this process and use it, including by the way, to avoid any restrictions in the sphere of worldwide financial activity", Putin said.

Mr. Trump's advocacy for Russian Federation seems a little odd, especially in the midst of what he calls a "witch hunt?".

"It's actually not a real surprise. Please, we would be happy to see everyone in Moscow". In a matter of seconds, you can destroy trust with 280 Twitter characters. The president told reporters, "They have no choice".

He called on G7 members to "keep a cool head" and consider consequences. The ample commonalities, and not racial, religious, cultural and historical points of divergence; and long-term common interests, not attempt to secure short-term interests at the expense of others, especially neighbours, must be the base for interaction and cooperation at the regional level so that we can have more secure, instable and developed region. "And if it's not fixed, then we're not going to deal with these countries". In 2017, the world's four largest economies were: the United States, China, Japan and Germany.

"To answer this tweet and Trump's provocation at the G7 - if Russian Federation does not demonstrate any move forward, and we will invite them back, no one would understand this", Niels Annen, a minister of state at the German Federal Foreign Office, said on Monday.

Bitcoin plummets after South Korean exchange hack
Led by a drop in bitcoin's price , the value of cryptocurrencies fell by more than $ 40 billion over the weekend and into Monday. The price of bitcoin slumped more than 7% after South Korea's Coinrail announced that it had been targeted by cyberthieves.

"It's kind of insulting", Trudeau said.

Meeting Rouhani on the sidelines of the Qingdao conference, Xi said separately the nuclear agreement helped promote peace and stability in the Middle East and nuclear non-proliferation.

The US President addressed the subject of worldwide trade during an impromptu news conference at the summit Saturday, saying that he did not want to see other countries take advantage of the US over trade. "We're like the piggy bank that everybody is robbing", Trump seethed.

"Canada does not believe that ad hominem attacks are a particularly appropriate or useful way to conduct our relations with other countries", Canadian foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland told reporters in Ottawa.

Although his remarks did not mention President Donald Trump, Beijing has sought to portray itself as a defender of free trade in response to the American leader's support for import controls. Putting tariffs on steel and aluminum is not the neighborly thing to do.

A Canada official responded in a more measured tone.

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