Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Federal judge temporarily blocks deportation of pizza worker

Federal judge temporarily blocks deportation of pizza worker

Pablo Villavicencio, 35, remains in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody but will be kept from deportation until July 20.

Chica is a U.S. citizen and they have two young daughters who were born in the United States.

The military police directed Villavicencio to get a day pass.

Though he has no criminal record, Villavicencio did come to the US illegally from Ecuador in 2008.

"But this time, the guard - whom he identified as African American - asked him for a valid identification document, and since he didn't have one, the soldier called immigration to arrest him", Chica told El Diario.

According to Nathan's faculty page on New York University Law School's website, she worked as an Associate National Counsel for John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign and then served a "voter protection coordinator" and adviser for the Obama campaign when he ran for office in 2008.

'It has to be something more than financial and emotional... it's nearly always a serious medical condition. Advocates have also petitioned a judge to let him remain in the United States.

Should he pull this off he would only need to go back to Ecuador for a few weeks to do his interview and finish the application. "They only care about statistics, one more deported man".

Villavicencio showed a New York City identification card, also known as IDNYC, as he had done during previous deliveries.

"I have to lie because for her it's going to be hard to understand why daddy's in jail".

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"As a mom, I just want to protect them, that they don't suffer", she said. She has set up a GoFundMe page for support for the couple's daughters.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security supporting the stay and requesting Villavicencio be released.

Chica, who was born in Colombia and moved to the US a decade ago, said she is a USA citizen.

"They treated me like a criminal". Villavicencio's detention and a recent raid on an upstate dairy farm show "reckless contempt for the constitution", he said.

'And I proceeded to do that. "I did not commit a crime", Villavicencio said in Spanish to PIX11 News earlier this week.

Chica told El Diario that a solider called ICE when Villavicencio delivered a pizza order to the base - something that he has done before.

At that point, the woman said, he signed a waiver for a background check, and 'an active Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant was discovered on file'.

The manager at Nonna's Deli in Queens, which is the pizza place where Villavicencio works, only said, 'He was a great worker'.

Chica and the two girls attended a news conference in front of the army base Wednesday along with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and City Councilman Justin Brannan.

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