Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
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2 more USA individuals withdrawn from Cuba over health concerns

2 more USA individuals withdrawn from Cuba over health concerns

The U.S. Embassy in China on Friday sent out an alert to Americans traveling overseas that they needed to seek medical attention immediately if they start to experience similar symptoms shared by U.S. staffers in China and Cuba.

The US embassy in Beijing on Friday issued a health alert for its citizens after government employees were evacuated, the second alert in two weeks, sparking fear the case may be linked to events in Cuba.

A State Department official says they are "potentially new cases" but not yet "medically confirmed".

The U.S. has sent a medical team to evaluate workers at the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou, China.

The Chinese foreign ministry said Thursday that its investigation into the first case has not yielded any clues as to the cause of the incident.

They're not authorized to comment publicly on the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Cuba released details Sunday on the latest mysterious health incident involving a USA diplomat in the country, saying that Cuban officials learned of the episode late last month when the US said that an embassy official felt ill after hearing "undefined sounds" in her home in Havana. The symptoms, which allegedly resemble the results of a mild traumatic brain injury or concussion, include sharp ear pain, tiresome headaches, and extreme fatigue, according to the New York Times.

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The department is urging government workers to seek medical attention if they begin experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, headaches or a ringing in the ears. The Foreign Ministry said Thursday the USA had not formally raised the matter with Beijing.

Washington has said in the past that Cuban authorities must take responsibility for the safety of United States diplomats on their soil, but the Havana government denies any knowledge of an attack.

The Cuba incidents sparked concerns that the employees had been targeted with some novel sort of sonic attack, and similar reports this week in Guangzhou, China, have prompted several evacuations of diplomats and family members.

The case revived fears that a United States rival has developed some kind of acoustic or microwave device after similar symptoms were reported among American diplomats and their families in Cuba in 2016. The AP reported that out of the approximately 170 American staffers in the consulate, 150 have undergone the examinations.

The working alongside China to uncover the source of the "abnormal sounds".

In 2017 in Cuba at least 22 American diplomat and their family members have suffered as a result of the mysterious "acoustic attack".

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