Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Origin Access Premier service lets subscribers play full PC games before release

Origin Access Premier service lets subscribers play full PC games before release

You can look forward to the following features below to be expanded on when more on Origin Access Premier is announced. This'll include its biggest releases, like Battlefield 5, the newly announced Madden 19 on PC and BioWare's Anthem. Origin Access Premiere bringing new games to subscribers completes that offering in a compelling and disruptive way. EA said people who join Origin Access Premier can also play unlimited amounts of "The Sims 4", including content from the Digital Deluxe Update, Dine Out Game Pack, and Kids Room Stuff Pack. Origin Access Premier is slated to launch sometime this summer.

Anthem, a social, connected Action-RPG with cooperative multiplayer at its heart.

Putnam's office responds to Tampa Bay Times report
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Pre-registration for Origin Access Premier will open today, Electronic Arts says. They will also get access to over 100 older games, like "Need For Speed Payback", Mad Max", and the "Batman: "Arkham" series, along with a 10% discount on Origin purchases. This is an evergreen game and there have been some new changes in the game that you might be interested in.

Basically, this more or less seems like EA's version of Xbox Game Pass. Anthem, Battlefield V, Federation Internationale de Football Association 19, and Madden 19 were all confirmed for the service, with access to the standard Origin Access library also under the subscription.

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