Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

BioWare Opens Up On Anthem’s Single-Player Story

What are you looking forward to from Electronic Arts?

The player character will be a freelancer, individuals uniquely suited to piloting the exosuits so prominently featured in the game.

Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 is getting the European Champions League, which will be incorporated into all the game's main modes, while - perhaps a touch more surprisingly - Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 is getting a patch bringing the World Cup into the game.

However, it's not what we learned during the show, but information that surfaced afterward that has us intrigued.

Google co-founder's flying vehicle company is taking pre-orders
Piloting Kitty Hawk is as easy as playing the video game Minecraft, chief executive Sebastian Thrun said in published reports. Don't miss the chance to drive, fly, and play with some of the most exciting vehicles and gadgets on earth .

And while the Battlefield V trailer generated plenty of hype, it pales in comparison to the amount of hype surrounding EA's upcoming brand new title, Anthem. With its October 19 launch date looming, we're bound to finally see some live gameplay at E3. After releasing the decidedly unimpressive Mass Effect: Andromeda and then miring themselves a huge debacle around the pay-to-play loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA's reputation is once again scraping the bottom of the barrel. Battlefield 5 will absolutely be a big part of EA Play this year. BioWare did say that it has built the game so that it can build new stories into this game whenever and however it wants in the future, and that's likely the key takeaway when it comes to Anthem: EA and BioWare want it to last for years.

It's unclear whether the Anthem beta period will be an open beta or a closed beta. We've got more in-depth stories on all of these announcements elsewhere, and that's number one on the E3 2018 list ticked off.

EA Sports will also take to the stage, debuting annual revisions of FIFA, Madden and other sports franchises. EA hasn't dropped any hints yet, but has made a point of mentioning that the event would have a few "surprises" to look out for.

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