Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
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Interesting Things Apple Didn’t Clarify About iOS 12

Interesting Things Apple Didn’t Clarify About iOS 12

Phone addiction is a big deal lately, and Apple has heard this loud and clear: iOS 12 will include a handful of new features to help with phone addiction.

Apple is finally getting a bit more friendly with third party music-streaming apps when it comes to Siri.

There are also new screenshot tools, which makes working with screenshots more similar to iOS with screenshot thumbnails appearing immediately in the corner of the screen after you take them.

Apple Watch's operating system also upgraded to WatchOS 5.0, which included a new feature where users can press a button and send their voice directly via walkie-talkie-style communication with other Apple Watch users.

Earlier this year Apple added a new "Families" section to its website that has information for parents on the tools available to monitor their kids' device usage. According to Apple, tvOS 12 will get a public beta at some point this summer, followed by a public launch in the fall. This will be helpful at the beginning of a new lease, when trying to measure out your new place or decide what furniture to buy. Ever since then, numerous developers are actually anxious to know about the launch date of iOS 12. It isn't simply the system elements like the dock and window chrome that are going dark, Apple's native apps now plug into the dark theme as well as apps which are built with the latest MacOS APIs in mind.

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iOS 12 will be one of the more performance oriented ones. Parents will be able to access their children's activity reports from their own devices to understand and manage their browsing habits.

Finder upgrades were also on show, with a new "gallery view" previewed by Apple.

Apple is also planning an update to ARKit, its platform for developers to build augmented-reality experiences on iPhone and iPads, which it initially announced previous year.

Would you like to see Apple allow an official Alexa app onto the App Store? On the other hand, iOS 12 will also inform the chip when there is a need to reduce processing speed.

"This year we're shutting that down", he said, adding that people can interact with these features if they choose to, but they won't be tracked by default on an Apple computer if they use the native Safari browser on the next version of its desktop operating system, macOS Mojave.

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