Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
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India seeks Facebook's response over reports of data sharing without consent

India seeks Facebook's response over reports of data sharing without consent

The former head of Cambridge Analytica said Wednesday that his political consulting firm got "an incredibly huge target" on its back because of its involvement in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Former chief Alexander Nix, in earlier testimony to parliament's media committee, also denied the political consultancy had ever been given data by Aleksandr Kogan, the researcher linked to the scandal.

Facebook, in its response, had said that the data of over 5.6 lakh users in India may have been accessed without their consent.

Nix said he thought he had been asked if Cambridge Analytica was still using the data.

Trump was one of Cambridge Analytica's customers, though the firm has insisted that none of the Facebook data was used in his 2016 campaign. Alexander Nix said his now-defunct firm had become the subject of global derision and was unfairly blamed for putting Trump in office.

The former boss of Cambridge Analytica was embroiled in the scandal during a Channel 4 documentary in the United Kingdom, in which he was seen boasting about the company's instrumentality in election President Trump.

Lawmakers asked Nix to return to face questions about inconsistencies in his evidence.

Archibong said the cases were "very different" from the use of data by third-party developers in the Cambridge row. As Christopher Wylie says in the above video, "Cambridge Analytica is the beginning, it's not the end".

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"It is deeply troubling that this conspiracy theory has spread so widely, and caused such damage to our company", he said.

Nix also called out Channel 4 for editing the footage to portray him in a worse light.

A spokesperson said: "All Mr Nix's comments carried in our reports were used in context, including any caveats".

Nix claims the data has since been deleted; he also claims that the company's whistleblower Christopher Wylie is lying about Cambridge Analytica's role in the European Union referendum campaign.

Wrapping up the session, the chair of the committee, Damian Collins, told Nix: "A lot of the allegations against you have come from people who worked with you - not just Mr Wylie, but others too".

Mounting a staunch defence against an undercover television documentary that showed Mr Nix boasting of sexual entrapment and other "darks arts" of political campaigning, he said this was a "lie to impress".

However, such reports raise uncomfortable questions about the assurances made by Facebook, the government said.

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