Published: Wed, June 06, 2018
Research | By Jody Lindsey

NASA Is About to Announce a Massively Exciting Mars Discovery

NASA Is About to Announce a Massively Exciting Mars Discovery

NASA has scheduled a live discussion for 2 p.m. ET focusing on "new science results" from the rover, although the nature of what has been found remains to be seen as no details will be made public before then.

The hotly anticipated live discussion will begin at 2pm EDT (7pm BST) on Thursday, June 2.

Now, the rover has seemingly made a new discovery which will be revealed this Thursday, according to the space agency.

The mission was created to establish whether Mars had an environment to support small life forms, so the science community will be anticipated the discussion.

Michelle Thaller, assistant director of science for communications, in NASA's Planetary Science Division will host the chat.

The event can be streamed live on NASA's online TV channel, Facebook Live, Twitch TV, Ustream, Youtube, and Periscope. You'll be able to ask questions of the panel via social media using by tagging your posts with #askNASA.

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Visit Thursday for complete coverage of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity announcement.

The Curiosity rover has been on the Red Planet since it landed there in August 2012 and started drilling into the surface in October 2016 to study the planet's mineral chemistry.

Its mission was to determine the planet's "habitability".

Ashwin Vasavada, NASA's Mars Science Laboratory project scientist at JPL.

As NASA continues to study the Red Planet in great detail, its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter keeps on finding fantastic details in the planet's rocky terrain. It is steadily climbing Mount Sharp, a 3-mile-high (5 kilometers) mountain in the center of a region known as Gale Crater.

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