Published: Tue, June 05, 2018
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Apple touts privacy features of new operating systems

Apple touts privacy features of new operating systems

Apple loves, loves, boasting about how it supports older iPhones and iPads with new versions of iOS. At present, they're more like fun gimmicks. But senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi used a variety of euphemisms for it: "We might not realise just how distracted we've become", he said.

You can now set an ending time for do not disturb - for 1 hour, until a certain period, or when you leave a location or meeting.

iOS 12 will finally be revamping Apple's reviled notification system and granting users some ability to control them, including granular notification controls and bundled notifications.

What's new with Apple Watch?

Jana Partners applauded the changes.

Although there are hopes that Apple might reverse the decision to drop every port aside from a single Thunderbolt 3 jack, we can't exactly see Apple going back on such a bold design choice this soon.

Apple's privacy and security updates are part of a calculated move to prioritize long-term customer loyalty over shorter-term metrics such as engagement, said Horace Dediu, an Apple analyst with Asymco. You can now search for your favourite channels, news sources, and more. In January, two major shareholders wrote a letter to Apple asking the company to add more parental controls and to study the impact of excessive iPhone usage on mental health.

President Trump cancels Philadelphia Eagles visit to White House
Here's the statement from the White House in which President Trump says fans "deserve better" than having a small group attend. Apparently that tradition will end as President Trump has disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles from visiting the White House.

Yet Apple made it clear it also hopes to make its devices and services even more alluring - and potentially irresistible - by creating new avenues for its digital assistant, Siri, to serve as a backup brain for users. Also, you don't have to say, Hey, Siri! anymore.

One of the more interesting features that no one really asked for, but seems super useful nonetheless, is an app for measuring things.

But as the Verge reports, there are still a handful of new features that come with the update including one that tracks your phone usage, group FaceTime calls, and an app that can measure your furniture. You need to go to the following web page using Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device: Developing: We're adding new features as we learn more.

Apple released its ARKit software in 2017, which allows app developers to easily build augmented reality features.

Apple's new wireless charging mat AirPower, which was first announced alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone X past year and has been slated for release in 2018, could also make an appearance.

Users of the iPhone X will be able to make personalised animated emojis, called MeMojis. "This conference was all about courting the developer community, which is the linchpin to the future success of Apple", wrote analyst Daniel Ives of GBH Insights.

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