Published: Sun, May 27, 2018
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Solo: A Star Wars Story - 52 Easter Eggs & References Explained

Solo: A Star Wars Story - 52 Easter Eggs & References Explained

The answer for how Maul appears in Solo (and why he has cybernetic legs, to boot) is found in the canonized Star Wars animated series, Clone Wars and Rebels. "It took a while", Suotamo told ABC NEWS.

As is fairly well-known by now, Solo had a "troubled production". "One of the fun things about being in a "Star Wars" movie is every time there's a new scene or a new character, you're talking to an alien or you're going through a new world but you know there's gonna be four books, 16 toys, a whole graphic novel about that alien that walks by in the background of the one scene. you're weaving this whole tapestry the whole time". The story (cowritten by longtime Star Wars scribe Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jonathan) doffs its cap to the first trilogy in a way that fans will enjoy (A better name for this prequel would be Solo: The Kessel Run). Three of them have been released in just the last two and a half years, and now-on the 41 anniversary of the very first film's debut-comes Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Directed by reliable studio hand Howard, Solo isn't likely to become anybody's favourite chapter of this enduring franchise, but it also won't sully any fond memories. It gets the job done and offers more than a few good laughs and plot twists.

Fortunately, the more well-cast characters that Han encounters and give Ehrenreich the chance to play off of, the more convincing he gets.

Emilia Clarke once again displays her charismatic qualities as Solo's Qi'ra
Lucasfilm Emilia Clarke once again displays her charismatic qualities as Solo's Qi'ra

Along the way, Solo meets Chewbacca (former Penn State basketball player Joonas Suotamo), and the groundwork is laid for Solo's complicated relationship with Qi'ra, to be explored in future films, one that promises to explain the character of the older, more cynical Solo we meet in A New Hope.

The Empire at this stage is still getting its evil act together. An opening text note informs us that "it is a lawless time" in the galaxy far, far away.

We also see how Solo got involved with intergalactic gambler Lando Calrissian, played by Donald Glover (Billy Dee Williams in the original film) and we learn how Solo won the Millennium Falcon from Lando.

As revealed during an interview with Variety, director Ron Howard took in some words of wisdom from Mr. Lucas himself when it came to a scene between Alden Ehrenreich's Han and Emilia Clarke's Qi'ra where Han chose to hang up Qi'ra's cloak just before some sweet lovin'. There are some interesting roles for women - characters with fascinating back stories and motivations of their own. Even the original Star Wars series that people hold near-religious devotion for was always pulpy and profit-driven, so arguing that Solo: A Star Wars Story is a soulless cash grab is pointless. It supposedly was due to "creative differences", but whatever happened in bringing the origin story of Han Solo to the screen doesn't matter much once you consider the end product.

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