Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Governor Greitens vows he won't quit amid allegations

Governor Greitens vows he won't quit amid allegations

Prosecutors never found the alleged photo and Monday dropped the charges with the option to re-file them at a later date.

On Friday, the Missouri Legislature is to convene a monthlong special session devoted exclusively to investigating allegations against Greitens, with the possibility of impeaching him in an attempt to remove him from office.

Greitens also remains charged with a second felony in St. Louis for allegedly disclosing a donor list from a St. Louis-based veterans' charity he founded for use in his political campaign. Dierker had told the judge that Gardner would take "an active role" in presenting the case at trial.

The House investigatory panel, which already has released scathing reports about Greitens' affair and his political use of a charity donor list, made a decision to call a Greitens policy aide as a witness and to issue subpoenas related to a potential attempt to funnel money from secret donors to Greitens' 2016 gubernatorial campaign. The panel voted to call Scharf as a witness and subpoena information about the companies.

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The prosecution agreed to dismiss the case on Monday. "This experience has been humbling and I have emerged from it a changed man". Gardner hired Tisaby, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, as a special investigator for the governor's case.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is seeking a special prosecutor to refile the charge.

Greitens attorneys say Tisaby refused to testify in a deposition about his perjury and misbehavior in the case and pleaded the Fifth Amendment in response to over 50 questions.

Ethics rules tell lawyers that they can't litigate cases in which they're witnesses, although such conflicts are uncommon in criminal cases. And St. Louis police announced Tuesday that they would investigate the handling of the case by Gardner's office. In a recording made in 2015, the woman is heard telling her then-husband that she had an affair with Greitens, who is accused of taking a photo of her in a compromising position and threatening to share the photo if she spoke about their relationship. If convicted, Greitens could have faced up to four years in prison. Or, he said, he could allow her to be questioned privately to examine those issues - the course he ultimately took.

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