Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Entertaiment | By Mabel Barber

What are you hearing: Yanny or Laurel?

What are you hearing: Yanny or Laurel?

Does the voice say "Laurel" or "Yanny"?

The clip was posted to Twitter by YouTube personality Cloe Feldman and the tweet had almost 14 million views by late Wednesday afternoon.

It's a debate that's been tearing the internet apart, at least this week: A piece of audio posted across social media sounds like "Laurel" to some people, and "Yanny" to others.

So now that you know what our team in Washington heard, CGTN America wants to know: what do you hear? If you have hearing loss, it could affect a particular frequency, allowing you to hear only one of the two variations.

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But he said it was also more hard to determine the word in this particular recording because it is "not real speech". But New Age musician Yanni was in the yanny camp. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said he'd like "to declare something that is just so obvious: It is laurel and not yanny".

Some people have greater sensitivity to higher frequencies or lower frequencies, Yazel says, which could explain part of why people hear different things.

For Kraus, the Northwestern professor who runs a laboratory on the biology of how humans process sound, it matters little how people interpret this single word in a poor-quality, idiosyncratic recording. She said she heard Laurel.

Next, listen to this clip, which is no longer noisy.

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