Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Thousands of teachers, students descend on North Carolina's capitol in protest

Thousands of teachers, students descend on North Carolina's capitol in protest

"We would like lecturers to be well-paid, and most significantly, we would like our college students to have the liberty to be taught within the correct atmosphere", Mims mentioned.

The largest teacher rally in state history was held to demand higher pay and increased funding for education.

"This will be fruitless if we don't march to the polls November 6 and make a change on behalf of North Carolina public school students", said NCAE President Mark Jewell.

On February 22, thousands of West Virginia school personnel, including numerous state's 20,000 teachers, took to the streets to campaign for state education reforms. I came to North Carolina because North Carolina was a teacher destination state. We were the leading beacon flame in the South. "This rally is not about teacher pay, this rally is about doing what we feel compelled in our hearts to do for our students and for the career path we chose". She says she attended the march today to support teachers. A 2016 report from the National Education Association (NEA) revealed that, at $45,276, average teacher salaries in Oklahoma were also the second-lowest in the nation.

In a Tuesday press convention, lawmakers mentioned the typical instructor pay will develop to $53,000, not together with native dietary supplements or bonuses, a rise from the present common wage of $49,000, based on a examine by the Nationwide Middle for Training Statistics. The push mirrors the trend of educators around the country rising up to pressure lawmakers for change.

Throughout April, Colorado educators from several districts took personal days to try to convince legislators to increase state school budgets, which have been underfunded by an astounding $822 million annually, since 2009. "I think it would be wrong to think of teachers are a monolithic voting block".

"Last year we were the number one state in the country for increasing teacher pay", he said.

Tarte's words echoed statements this week from Republican leaders like House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate Leader Phil Berger. They blame the state's troubles on Democrats and call the rally organizers, the North Carolina Education Association, a union - which the group says it's not, and notes doesn't even have collective bargaining rights.

As many as 15,000 teachers are expected to gather Wednesday morning in Raleigh as the Republican-dominated state legislature begins its annual session. They were in Raleigh to find strength in numbers. This is not to say the other aspects of our country being funded are not important, but there has to be more of a balance between them and education if we truly want to put the importance on education that it deserves. "And that kind of came on the heels of the recession, and if you follow what happened in North Carolina, we were hit pretty hard by the recession".

WV Teacher Strike at Bunker Hill Elementary School in Berkeley County West Virginia
WV Teacher Strike at Bunker Hill Elementary School in Berkeley County West Virginia

He was one of many on stage and in the crowd to warn legislators about a "teacher vote" in this fall's elections. Many teachers also used the opportunity to demand additional money for classroom supplies which they often purchase from personal funds. She says teachers are asked to teach 21st century skills, but without a 21st century budget.

"The conditions that are our kids are sitting in and Charlotte Mecklenburg schools is not acceptable. And we are working to get money to be able to correct that and be able to do our jobs appropriately to help our future growth", she said. "We freeze the tax cut for corporations and for people making more than $200,000 a year", he said.

"They are scheduled to get yet another one next year-about $110 million worth".

Legislators, Black said, seemed most interested Wednesday in getting the wave of fired-up teachers out of their building.

For many who made the trip to Raleigh, it wasn't just about money. There was another goal - respect.

"There wasn't "we want x amount in a pay raise" or 'we want x amount in school buildings".

Added Angela Gaio of Sardis Elementary in Union County: "It's really upsetting when we hear elected officials and members around the community calling us thugs for wanting to better the schools for their children".

Now, as state lawmakers work to hammer out a budget, many wonder what's next for education. Additionally, in September, educators will receive an step up in salary based on their experience, a 2.5 percent cost of living increase and a monthly $50 stipend towards the district's health insurance premium contribution.

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