Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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'Lord of the Rings' TV Series Reportedly Set to Follow Young Aragorn

'Lord of the Rings' TV Series Reportedly Set to Follow Young Aragorn

The planned Lord of the Rings TV series from Amazon Studios will reportedly centre around a character fans will doubtless approve of. At least, that's the rumor floating around.

Since late 2017, Amazon's streaming service has been developing a Lord of the Rings spin-off drawing on J.R.R. Tolkien's less famous, less Jacksoned Middle Earth books. In truth, all we really knew was that the show was going to be very, very expensive.

According to the site, they have heard from multiple sources now that Amazon's first Lord of the Rings series will be a young Aragorn focus.

Aragorn is also, as The One Ring points out, a character who has lived many lives, taking on a number of names and identities during his youth.

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In the final part of the book and film trilogy, The Return of the King (the title itself is a spoiler!), Aragorn at last returned to Gondor and led the armies of Men to defeat Sauron and usher in a new era of peace.

It's worth noting that "young Aragorn" could mean a huge age-range given how age timelines work in Tolkien's world.

"This is the greatest advantage the show runners have: that so much of Tolkien's storytelling, even just in 'Appendix A, ' covers a tremendous swath of time", the site said. Amazon has a lot riding on the show - they've dropped a ton of money to snap up the rights to the material, and they've already committed to five seasons. In fact, the first season could possibly take place right in Rivendell and follow young Aragorn from there.

Of course, there has been no official announcement from Amazon (the series is, after all, still at an early development stage), so we have to treat this as still in the realm of rumour and speculation for now. By focusing on a younger Aragorn, the series would give viewers a character they recognise and connect with, while also giving us new stories, new locations and both new and familiar characters in Middle Earth.

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