Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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IPhone X Tesla: Is IT A Solar-Powered Smartphone From The Future?

IPhone X Tesla: Is IT A Solar-Powered Smartphone From The Future?

The manufacturer's very first unit of iPhone X has an engraving print, "Made on Earth by Humans", in order to honor Elon Musk's effort of sending Tesla roadster into space.

256GB version will place you back 299,000 rubles ($4,850).

Caviar, the firm behind its creations, says it has received pre-orders for 999 of the exclusive handsets.

Well, the reality is Caviar produces neither Teslas nor iPhones and the rumored iPhone X Tesla's function are nothing sort of the products the company ventures into. The case is noticeably thicker that the unincumbered iPhone.

The business says three individuals motivated it to create the iPhone X Tesla "Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla and Elon Mask".

The design of the device is a modern, laconic structure, monochrome black color, shock-resistant case, impressive gold elements and the solar battery itself that makes the phone's style even more futuristic.

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'This is a true smart luxury.

Instead, if you would prefer a solar panel to your phone that Prices less than the iPhone X Tesla, do take a minute to Have a look at Digital Trends' choice of a few of the greatest ones now in the marketplace.

Spotted by AppleInsider, the new custom iPhone X from Caviar doesn't have any official connection with Tesla, but was rather inspired by the company.

A caviar spokesman added: 'iPhone X Tesla from Caviar is equipped with a solar battery that converts the energy of light and with its help replenishes the battery of the phone.

"The increased thickness from the original's 7.7mm to 16.2mm is large enough that the rear camera bump is now a recess."
This is the cleanest energy for which no cost is required.

This model iPhone X needs no electric charge, because the back panel is carbon fiber hull equipped with a built battery that allows it to charge from sunlight or light from a bright lamp.

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