Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Sport | By Cameron Gross

Indian Gaming Commission Responds To SCOTUS Decision On Sports Betting

Indian Gaming Commission Responds To SCOTUS Decision On Sports Betting

The American Gaming Association (AGA), which represents the US casino industry, has long opposed the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, contending it has resulted in an annual illegal sports betting market of $150 billion.

When will NY open its doors to sports betting? The state has more tribal gaming facilities -135, according to the Gaming Commission, than any other state.

Will it prompt the NCAA member institutions to relax their restrictions on athletes, coaches and administrators betting on games?

Or will the rules remain as rigid as ever despite the move toward legalization? Most states will take a while to figure out how they want to proceed with this - Minnesota included - but within five years it is estimated that more than half of states will have legalized sports betting in some form.

"There's obviously a huge underground sports wagering business that's going on", Selig said. It isn't clear what kind of laws will be implemented by all of these states and how restrictive they might be.

The two industries are in disagreement over some aspects of proposed legislation in various states, with sports leagues anxious about the potential for match fixing whenever betting is involved in their matches, Grove said.

"Obviously we have to wait with what the state does. We will discuss with our membership and determine how we proceed".

After a multi-year legal battle between New Jersey and the four major sports leagues, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL, to get legalized sports betting outside of Nevada only, the monumental ruling paves the way for Tioga Downs as well as the other three NY state casinos to offer this type of wagering on property once legislation is written and passed by the state.

The only timing that would have been better would have been the early 1990s, when two of its former political leaders cost New Jersey its chance to join Las Vegas as a sports gambling capital.

Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Mississippi and West Virginia all have passed laws that could legalize sports gambling.

That's not wise social policy, or a good way to add revenue to state coffers.

Virginia law now considers gambling illegal, part of a code section titled "Crimes Involving Morals and Decency".

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But, for that to happen, each state will have to authorize it statutorily. Some Atlantic City casinos are expected to start offering sports gambling soon.

This is something that isn't as bad in the bigger esports I follow like CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, or Overwatch.

"That's kind of ironic", said Rick Gentile, director of the poll. "Our current plan is to do [only] ceremonial betting May 28".

"I know Bonacic's bill would like to expand it, but we have to really look at it", Heastie said. "Your personal view may differ from what the climate's doing".

"I think the game will be corrupted".

"A betting business built on blockchain technology might assuage some of the historical concerns held by people about sports betting in the USA, such as the threat of collusion, money laundering, and tax evasion, all of which would be more easily identifiable and enforceable against with a trustworthy shared ledger and the robust identity frameworks blockchain can provide", Corva said. "They don't want to push it offshore, much like the concerns were with online gambling", he said.

But if you add sports wagering to that mix ... "I personally would not support it".

Don't expect sports betting to be legal in Oklahoma in time for the start of the upcoming college football, NFL or National Basketball Association seasons.

"With it federally being illegal for the last number of decades, it is something that we will have to seriously consider what avenues are there, and what approach we take if we are interested in putting a sports book into our establishment", said Rodriguez. "There's too much inherent risk of conflict of interest". Because now you can bet on college, you could even bet on high school.

Overall, the decision may be read as a marker of the future direction of states' rights jurisprudence on what may well become a more conservative court.

"It's no longer in the background, that's for sure", Selig said.

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