Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Codemasters releases F1 2018 on August 24th

Codemasters releases F1 2018 on August 24th

This means that its premiere will be the same weekend as the start of the Belgian Grand Prix, one of the most important events of the Formula 1 season.

F1 2018 will be racing into stores this summer on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, Codemasters and Koch Media have announced. Just like last time, it'll be available on both the Xbox One and PS4 as well as for PCs via DVD and Steam, and Codemasters says it'll be optimised for the 4K-capable Xbox One X and PS4 Pro consoles, too.

The new title features an expanded career mode as it was only the most highly requested features by the fan base.

The new game is said to "further build on the strong starting point" of the studio's previous racing game F1 2017. We are also adding more classic cars, again listening to our fans as to which of the historical F1 cars they would most like to virtually drive next.

"F1 2018 is going to kick the nuts of F1 2017" said Paul Jeal, F1 Franchise Director at Codemasters.

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F1 2018 game: what else to expect?

That does make my job much easier and as I can cut and paste huge swathes of text in, but it's not all that exciting for you to read as it's full of buzzwords like immerse, enhance, and engage.

Codemasters has confirmed that the official F1 2018 video game is arriving soon.

The F1 2018 release date is similar to the release date of many other sports games franchises that have yearly releases, adjusting their gameplay and graphics to the latest standards and the newest information, along with adding in the newest cars.

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